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  1. Final Combo

    Me with my daughter when she was almost 1 Yo
  2. Final Combo

    @AAIGHT i actually never staked in my live , i got it on my main though i switch all the items instead of buying them twice
  3. Final Combo

    you can have half of the bird nests
  4. Final Combo

    May I present you the bank of my current Zerker account :]
  5. Final Combo

    This is definitly stolen from a museum, what a masterpiece, Its like looking in a mirror thanks!
  6. Final Combo

    I am an German Car Mechanic in an Mercedes/AMG Workshop. I am 23 yo and have a daughter which is lvl 1.5 Also I am a Pker in game but i turned into a skiller lately.
  7. Final Combo

    what did he do? Or what happened i dont really follow him so idk
  8. Final Combo

    Everybody who is concernd about that update pls read it it explains a lot, and made me from a no to a yes lol
  9. Final Combo

    i think its only gross gore isnt it ?
  10. Final Combo

    i had the same build 60/99/75 was a mistake to do attack, but since you are higher cb anyway cuz of pray you might consider it, well anyway welcome to the clan, looking forward to see you on some events
  11. Final Combo

    good luck buddy looking forward to see you on some clan activity
  12. Final Combo

    congratz buddy, now i know who will fletch our bows in the future
  13. Final Combo

    yh why not do clan activity vs other clans such as castle wars, clan wars, pvm comps pvp wars in wilderness once a month or something
  14. Final Combo

    @Mojo i ment i am looking forward to see some clan vs clan activity more often. In my opinion i think clans should challange other clans from time to time in stuff like wars, challanges like this pvm comp etc. I dont care what events though as long as it is against another clan
  15. Final Combo

    id like to see stuff like that from time to time, always nice to challange other clans