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  1. Sometimes it really helps to just play the game for as long as you enjoy it and leave. Sometimes I just play 20 minutes get bored and go offline, do something else like watching tv or playing other games. For me its important to for example not go do something else and afk. I left rs because i got bored so still playing it on the side makes no sense. Really often after some time i feel like, damn today i want to do x on runescape and start enjoying it again for a bit
  2. What was the best runescape update everfor you? (all time rs)
  3. I try not to consume it, so when I do it kicks in a lot more. Maybe I drink a coffee with 80% milk once a week or 3 times a month and rarely drink energy drinks, maybe 1 in 2 months. Also I dont drink cola so when I do , I need to stay up till 3 am like a kid LOL
  4. Can you maybe post screenshots of it so I can see how it looks without downloading, not on computer so often
  5. Maybe put in more effort in your pooor application, and I will think about it supporting you. Always a helpful player, helps whenever he is able to (most of the time he isnt because he is a noob but i guess that counts) Previously known as Memelord I can say, so if you want to laugh a bit ( more about him, then his memes) accept this guy !:D
  6. I think for slayer stuff like karils bow or Magic shortbow(i) with amethyst /rune arrows will be better sooner or later, for bosses I think it might switch, especially vorkath or olm. When you hit no specials on vorkath i think it will be bad af...
  7. WHERE ARE MY GERMANS AT ? Since when do we have 10 germans haha
  8. Have you thought about the secret chicken lair in zanaris where you could have acess to black dragons ? Also Zanaris in general would be good content i think cuz of chaeldar
  9. I live in Germany, there arent many Big Cities with nice parts, its usually Big city= ugly af or small village which is nice but like has no supermarket etc... If i could make a wish i think it would be in munich the "grünwald" part, this is one of the most expensive parts in whole germany and its like hollywood hills in Germany where all the rich ppl resort.
  10. Maybe we will get some dedicated roles now for bosses , instead of all dmg xd
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