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  1. WHERE ARE MY GERMANS AT ? Since when do we have 10 germans haha
  2. Have you thought about the secret chicken lair in zanaris where you could have acess to black dragons ? Also Zanaris in general would be good content i think cuz of chaeldar
  3. I live in Germany, there arent many Big Cities with nice parts, its usually Big city= ugly af or small village which is nice but like has no supermarket etc... If i could make a wish i think it would be in munich the "grünwald" part, this is one of the most expensive parts in whole germany and its like hollywood hills in Germany where all the rich ppl resort.
  4. Maybe we will get some dedicated roles now for bosses , instead of all dmg xd
  5. Of course you are curious about the frog squad haha Welcome back too!
  6. Welcome to the guardians !:)
  7. I really Love the ideas of actually 'events' outside of rs to calm down and rest. Everyone of us is grinding, struggling and maybe sometimes getting mad in this game so this is a good balance to all that unhealthy scaping and I appreciate you doing these kinds of events and I am thankfull for that :p. Id like to show one of my meals even though it was couples weeks ago before I was in Hospital, but I dont want to get included in any prices and just like the idea
  8. r/gangplankmains r/wtf r/todayilearned r/showerthoughts
  9. Welcome to the guardians, I am sure you will enjoy it :)!
  10. Every kind of electronic Techno or Trance music, my favourite rn is Darren Porter... cant stop listening to his stuff:)
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