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  1. El Marijuano

    Welcome brotha! hope to see you at events in the near future
  2. El Marijuano

    My name is Oscar
  3. El Marijuano

    I'll let you know in January when I get back home.
  4. El Marijuano

    I've got a HCIM that's about level 50 combat. Havent logged into it since I joined WG tho. I'll log into it and see how motivated I get to grind on it.
  5. El Marijuano

  6. El Marijuano

    Welcome. Nice name.
  7. El Marijuano

    The first friend I made after starting osrs. Glad you put this in! Welcome friend, I know you'll love it here.
  8. El Marijuano

    took me quite a few tries actually. probably like 6 or 7,i would always mess up at jad and die to something dumb. I notice your on mobile, did you do it on mobile?
  9. El Marijuano

    But I died before going to cerb which should have cleared the pvp damage. The thing that doesnt make sense to me is how did I spawn with 78k in my inventory and why my fire Cape stayed but other untradables didnt. It almost feels like I pvp'd myself.
  10. El Marijuano

    yeah im going to make sure to do that from now on. already got my stuff back and imbued just sucked.
  11. El Marijuano

    but i died? wouldnt the death reset the pvp damage?
  12. El Marijuano

    I dont have Twitter lol I guess I can make one rn tho.
  13. So I posted this in discord last night when it happened but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this So this happened about 6 hours ago before I went to sleep but here's what happened. Well I did cerberus for the first time in a couple of days and I died. When I spawned in Falador, I noticed my slayer helm (I) had turned into a regular black mask, my barrows gloves were gone my berserker ring was also dropped and not imbued anymore and there was 78k coin in my inventory but my firecape was still on.While I am aware that upon a pvp in over 20 wilderness it will be lost upon death, I can not figure out why this happened. I have died at cerberus before numerous times and had never had this happen to me. Prior to this I had been at revenants, I died to pkers, then decided to go do cerberus so I know it couldn't have been anyone elses damage or something. I'm just wondering if someone can help explain this to me. Not sure if its a glitch related to the recent update or some other kind of glitch. Just a little sad I have to re-imbue my slayer helm and ring.
  14. El Marijuano

    Here's a pic of me and my level 6 noob when he got finally got 20 fishing to catch trout. And another of me n my girl.