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  1. El Marijuano

    That's dope bro. I'll let me dog people know.
  2. El Marijuano

    Welcome! Good luck joining!
  3. El Marijuano


    Gratz vio!
  4. El Marijuano

    Welcome back man.
  5. El Marijuano

    1800 kc no pet. WG Gore Def isnt the only salty one lol
  6. El Marijuano

    Episode 3 was an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed, I yelled, and I cried. It was insane.
  7. El Marijuano

    That's was two polls ago. Idk if he got 99 but he was 400 xp away last I checked. I voted mining.
  8. El Marijuano

    Welcome bro. See you at future events
  9. El Marijuano

    Damn the memories. I was in valor in 2005. I remember going to war with anarchy which were top 10 at the time but we lost. Quit rs shortly after and I believe valor closed not too long after.
  10. El Marijuano

    Been grinding pets all month. Did a few hundred Vorkath kills last week and I've done about 500 mole kills in the last 2 days. Probably going to keep going with mole for a few days till I burn out.
  11. El Marijuano

    nice man. first mining pet now this lol
  12. El Marijuano

    Welcome bro! Gl with the app process!