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  1. El Marijuano

    Here's a pic of me and my level 6 noob when he got finally got 20 fishing to catch trout. And another of me n my girl.
  2. El Marijuano

    Welcome brotha! It looks like you're going to fit in great here. My birthday is the day before yours btw
  3. El Marijuano

    Welcome Brett, hope to see you at events in the near future
  4. El Marijuano

    Welcome Omar. dont hesitate to ask questions in the cc if you need any help.
  5. El Marijuano

    Welcome Darren
  6. El Marijuano

    I was doing Saradomin's work and handed out 100 iron sets with ammy, cape and 10 tuna lol.
  7. El Marijuano

    I remember seeing phat sets selling for 100k in fally. Another early memory would be getting mithril armor and thinking it was so bad ass. Hell I vividly remember doing underground pass and shilo village on the days they were released.
  8. El Marijuano

    I love seeing posts like this. keep us updated bro
  9. El Marijuano

    Its amazing that theyre able to do it on a mobile phone but I dont do anything too intensive on it. mainly just check my flips in ge, or farm runs and stuff. Dont use it nearly as much as i thought i would. I think this is partly because runescape isnt like most mobile games where you only get on for a little while just to pass a little time. If i need to do anything more in-depth then i just get on my computer.
  10. El Marijuano

    Gratz man! The first one always feels great.
  11. El Marijuano

    Damn whos from Antarctica? What time zone is that lol?
  12. El Marijuano

    My humble tab. didnt even have a pk tab a month ago lol
  13. El Marijuano

    Damn havent heard of those clans in ages. Gl joining brotha
  14. El Marijuano

    Welcome to the forums John! Gl joining bro