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  1. Dragisx

    [Accepted] PieZy

  2. Dragisx

    [Accepted] Tablesgg

    Wow, nice app! Welcome!
  3. Dragisx

    [Accepted] Lhu

    Welcome Kaiden!
  4. Dragisx

    [Declined] Jxl

    And I think you know the rules, when an eventmaster has the choice of either letting you in or not. And I think he made it obvious. So, there shouldn't be an argument. You know the rules, you were a wg member for over 10 years. I hope you understand where the players and the eventmaster coming from.
  5. Dragisx

    [Declined] Jxl

    The people who were asking who you were, are new. I mean you are unranked in the cc and of course they aren't going to know who you are.
  6. Welcome!!
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