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  1. Dragisx

    Yeah ... Jagex always screws it up somehow, their administration is really bad.
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    Thanks all! <3 <3
  4. Dragisx

    Welcome back Frozen!
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    I hope so!
  7. Dragisx

    HELL YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!
  8. Dragisx

    I knew someone would laugh about it . And thanks!
  9. Dragisx

    Thank you all! !! ♥♥♥♥
  10. Dragisx

    Thanks! Will do!
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    Dragisx What is your current RS name? Dragisx List any previous RS names: Lethal Hisx What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1670 Combat level: 102 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing in 2006. I don't have a favourite skill atm but I used to like hunter alot. I like pking with people and ofcourse pvming. Tell us about your clan history. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Ahmed, male, and I'm almost 21 years old. I'm half Canadian and half Jordanian. Living and studying in Ottawa atm. Hobbies: swimming, soccer, quidditch, and video gaming. How did you hear about us? Through a friend What makes you want to join us? For the fun and the nostalgia. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
  13. Dragisx

    Thank you guys
  14. I'm late, but RIP. It was a really sad day when i heard the news...
  15. Dragisx

    Tbh... I just hope they end it with this season.