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  1. Dragisx

    [Accepted] Tablesgg

    Wow, nice app! Welcome!
  2. Dragisx

    [Accepted] Lhu

    Welcome Kaiden!
  3. Dragisx

    [Declined] Jxl

    And I think you know the rules, when an eventmaster has the choice of either letting you in or not. And I think he made it obvious. So, there shouldn't be an argument. You know the rules, you were a wg member for over 10 years. I hope you understand where the players and the eventmaster coming from.
  4. Dragisx

    [Declined] Jxl

    The people who were asking who you were, are new. I mean you are unranked in the cc and of course they aren't going to know who you are.
  5. Welcome!!
  6. Oh hey! Were you the guy wearing full Armadyl while we were all gathered? Welcome!
  7. Welcome! Looking forward seeing you pk with us .
  8. And you also posted your graduation, I'm a bit confused.
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