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  1. Big Papa V

    Congrats on the son and second child!
  2. Big Papa V

    If you ever end up here let me know! I live near the mountains so a ton of great nature.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is living in the same country or time zone as me. Most people here have never heard of Runescape.
  4. Big Papa V

    Im from Boston, MA and I've been to: Canada Caribbean Islands Dominican republic Portugal Spain Currently living in South Korea. I would highly suggest living in another country, its a great experience and change to travel the areas around the new country.
  5. Big Papa V

    Adult Video websites like "History Channel" and the "Daily News". All the adulty stuff. haha
  6. Big Papa V

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Big Papa V

    @WG FargornWG Fargorn, I lived in Boston Massachusetts in America before this year! Thanks so much looking forward to it. @Willzy Thanks! It was through my other IRL friend who said his friend Kyle that I also know recently joined the clan and enjoyed it. His RSN is Kagy right now. Actually the only websites they tend to block are either really unsecured websites or certain Adult Video websites. China blocks most sites, luckily I have never had a problem here. Ill make sure to contact after the 48 hours, thank you!
  8. Big Papa V

    Big Papa V What is your current RS name? Big Papa V List any previous RS names: This is my first account since post EOC I have one other new pure named: Papavtents What is your total level and combat level? My total level is 1504 and I am Combat 117. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My friends and I have been playing Runescape on and off since about 2003. I quit playing after the EOC update because I no longer enjoyed the game after that. I found out last year that OSRS was active and a few of my friends wanted to start playing again so ive been playing for about a year now on this account. My name comes from my last initial V and a nickname I have from games. I enjoy bossing and I used to PK back in the day and would love to get back into it because its my favorite thing to do. I watch youtubers daily and hope to have as much fun as them. I also have some experience with Raids 1 and Bandos. Tell us about your clan history. Pre EOC I was in the clan Morikendi but that was a long time ago. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Cory I am 26 and I live in South Korea. Im here teaching english. I enjoy Korean culture and food so I deceided to move here this year. My hobbies are working out, language learning, eating delicious food and playing Runescape. How did you hear about us? Through a friend of a friend. What makes you want to join us? I used to have a lot of friend in game to PVP or PVM with but after I started playing I only have my IRL friends and there are in a different time zone. I want to make some friends in game who are trustworthy to play with. Honestly, the integrety and honor represented in the rules was very nice to see. Seems like a great clan to be a part of. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: