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    back in the day i absolutely hated underground pass and one small favour... those were the bane of my existence.. lol
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    I have a list of games you might wanna try if you love the medieval style genre!
    Skyrim: i'd give this game a 9/10, it's an amazing free roam open world RPG where alot of choices you make affect the world and how it evolves, I would give it a 10/10 but it does have some annoying bugs that can break the game in some ways though it's rare. best to quick save often to prevent this.
    Fallout genre (specifically 3, new vegas, and 4): all in all this is an amazing series of games that are open world RPG where yet again choices impact the world around you. lots of crafting, loot upgrades, leveling up, skills, stats etc. i'd give this game a 9/10 as well.
    Witcher 3: this one is mainly story-driven but it is also yet again a really nice open world RPG. beautiful graphics and scenery, really nice combat flow that keeps you on your toes. this game definitely deserves a 9/10
    Borderlands: i'm not going to put a specific title like borderlands 1/2/3 cause they are all good. great choice in weapons, great story with some funny comedic elements and moments. really just a great title if you want a chill story shooter game with cartoony graphics. would give this an 8/10
    Dvinity Original Sin 2: ok so I haven't put as many hours into this as the other titles but I have gotten about 3/4 way through the game. if you're looking for a good turn based RPG this is one for you! great graphics, spell/ability animations and storyline. wouldn't buy it though unless it's on sale on steam. would give this title a 7/10
    World of Warcraft: i'm actually surprised nobody mentioned this game in the above posts. great MMORPG with a HUGE community and playerbase, can be boring playing solo so find a nice fun guild and friends to play with and it can be a blast. classes may not be as indepth and challenging as they used to be but overall it's a good MMO. 
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