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  1. Luk1n


    beat you to one HAMMA
  2. Luk1n


    Hey buddy! welcome to our family!
  3. Hmmmm, temptation to do barrows one needs. Will help along the way hosting a couple events - just making sure.... event is running till end of September? right?
  4. Welcome! Good luck with your app!
  5. Luk1n

    [Accepted] Carpall

    Nice! Welcome bud! I'm from Manchester myself
  6. Aaight can't keep away from [email protected]!!
  7. I'm sorry bud, we already have 1 blazik1ng... and that's too much.... lol only joking welcome!!
  8. Luk1n

    [Accepted] Poor Joy

    Welcome bud. Goodluck
  9. Yeah I get u there..... 10 kills a day... keeps poverty away!!.
  10. hey bud! welcome..... I wonder what your name is???
  11. Luk1n

    Lmao Sit

    Hey buddy! Welcome to the clan!
  12. Luk1n

    Broken Raft

    I just ignore the weirdos full stop
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