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Found 2 results

  1. Hey WG Members, what will be your next 99? What is ur next 99 ur aiming for? My 4th incoming soon will be my HP i guess Happy scaping this week guys!
  2. Brandon

    99 Strength

    Finally today after forever I got my first 99! Strength has always been my first 99 but this time was different. I was so burnt out of skilling and combat that it took me forever. I trained at NMZ finally got 98 and I was just done. I wanted nothing more to do with strength or NMZ. Finally I got my butt back in gear and decided to finish. I could of had 99 strength way before I did but since I'm a lazy bum that is sick of training it took a while. Genghis Bong was nice enough to come and take pictures with me and some random kid saw me get 99 at clan wars and followed along. Everyone was at 24 hour event so no one wanted to come plus I have no friends. Anyway now since I broke the barrier its time to get my cape trimmed. It might also have to do with the strength cape being ugly and most achieved combat cape. I guess it could be cooking cape ;) Also thanks to WG Luk1n for teaming up with me at NMZ making it a little more bearable. I only got two crappy picture sorry! Thx again Genghis Bong aka Droville and WG Luk1n Now I am poor please donate 99 gp's pixels to me. Please and Thanks!
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