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Found 3 results

  1. Imitus

    Here is the unique drops we've gotten over the raids we have done as a team. Will update this thread when we get more drops. Quick summary: Arcane prayer scroll - 8 Dexterous prayer scroll - 11 Dragon sword - 2 Dragon thrownaxe - 1 Dragon harpoon - 2 Dragonhunter crossbow -1 Dragon claws - 1 Dinh's bulwark - 1 Twisted buckler -1 Ancestral hat - 0 Ancestral robe top - 1 Ancestral robe bottom - 1 Elder maul - 0 Kodai insignia - 1 Twisted bow - 2
  2. DavyJones

    THE LOCKER TAB AS OF 9/28 10:40 pm EST: I think I'm gonna start posting Pk'd loots here just so I don't blow up my blog with picture of inventories and no real updates. Plus I may inspire people to make an account (in 10 days or less) like mine and come pk with me because it's a lot of fun and surprisingly there's potential for some decent loot at 100k risk lmao. So here's pic number one: CRITERIA FOR A POST: 100K+ Loot (pretty decent for a pure) Less if it's a fight that I won
  3. Adult Cat