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Community Intro - Communisst


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Tell us about yourself.

Hello my name is Communisst im 24, i've been playing on and off since i was in 4th grade. I'm pretty chill and kind of bored of being solo, want to enjoy my time on runescape more and be around cool people.


Clan history.  

Vengeance, EOP



How did you hear about us? rattatat

Do you plan to join? yes


Any last comments?  

honestly i just wana make some friends and have a good time, im down to come on as much as i can but like i just wana have fun

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I've always just kind of pked with me and my friend Gwala, but every since they removed rev caves and made that new bullshit it's been pretty boring man. Thats why im open to joining a clan, maybe it might spark more fun with events and stuff 

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