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Hey guys!

I don't know if theres a topic on this, but i'll make one anyway.

I've spent around 10 minutes of my life setting up an easy PK tab in my bank, i figured i'd share it with you guys.

This is an easy setup, on the left side you can see my basic rag gear/rev pk gear, with a couple extra charged bracelets. On the right side is the higher risk which i use for GDZ/deep wilderness pk.

I also put my main potions i use for pking in there, + my looting bag to make it even easier and faster :)

By using this tab the way it is, i can regear in less than 20 seconds, which is GREAT for clan events or for a quick regear to hit teams, etc.


I really recommend setting up a pk tab so we can grab quick regears after deaths, etc. as we normally have to do complete regroups if we lose a couple in the wild, and it's taking away a lot of time.


Feel free to comment anything i could do better with this tab, but i am very satisfied with the result :D 



PK tab setup.png

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I have most of my stuff in one tab. Works for me. A normal regearing takes in average 15-25 secs depending on type of gear :) Didn't bring along boring stuff like runes. (all placeholder items are on numerous different accounts. On this acc I only have stuff I don't mind losing if I get hacked somehow)


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1 hour ago, Mini Horse said:



my updated tab

That it??!?!?


Only 123 dhide returns are pitiful! 

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