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Community Intro - YaBoi_Snek

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Tell us about yourself.

19 Year old pile of hot trash from Glasgow, avid skiller and all-round waster of time, I'm told I have a nice voice a lot but it's mostly by foreigners. I'm a chef by trade, studying NC Professional Cookery and looking for a job that pays more than minimum wage lmao. I live alone with my cat, Dishcloth, absolute wee gem that she is, so any social interaction is greatly appreciated. I started playing RS many moons ago when my older brother used me as a mining bot, I started playing oldschool around a year or so ago before my account got banned due to a false positive on macro-ing, I'm trying to not be salty about it and take it as a breath of fresh air and a chance to start again with better gains and less wasted time. I'd love to get into PvP but I don't even know where to start, so I'll focus on getting levels for PvM first and trying my hand at that and if I feel confident enough I might stray into the wildy, who knows.


Clan history.  



How did you hear about us? Reddit

Do you plan to join? Hopefully once I've gained experience


Any last comments?  

Please forgive the shambles that is the 'about me' section, I almost dropped out of school because extended writing is my Kryptonite

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