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Community Intro - ThorinAsatru

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Tell us about yourself.

I haven't introduced myself properly in my application because I had a really rough down and didn't want to talk about myself at all. So I thought I'm simply going to do it this way now! 😊

So, my name is Thorin. I am 22 years old, born on March 16th and live in West-Germany. I am someone you'd call a Punk (Music, Clothing Style), generally part of a lower class group against racism in Germany.

Although I love the harsh Punk music, metal and rock, I absolutely love classical music and calm acoustic songs. I also listen to goth, depending on its style. Kinda everything but most electronics and hip hop.

I lived on the streets for half of my life, starting at 13 years old. Teached me a lot of lessons. Recently I got kinda up on my feet and got rid of everything that could harm my plans for a good future, but due to that mostly being friends I compensate my loneliness with hiding on the internet, so at times you might see me 24/7. 😅

One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world! I'm not very social but yet I love meeting new people and learning about cultures.

Talking about cultures... I am heavily interested in Norse Mythology and everything around it, as I grew up with it as you may assume when looking at my name... Hehe.

I'm not really good at talking about myself, but I do hope you have a clearer view of me now as your clan mate and friend.


Clan history.  

Nothing but WG. ♥️



How did you hear about us? Mojo's advertisement skills 😁

Do you plan to join? Already in, hehe.


Any last comments?  

Some days I don't play at all, some days I'm online the whole day. But you'll ALWAYS reach me on Discord, so feel free to send me a message if you want!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night. ♥️

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6 hours ago, Mojo said:



Nice to learn a bit about you. Hope you're enjoying the clan so far!

I surely do, I love it here! 


6 hours ago, WG Mask said:



1 hour ago, Ploot said:

welcome homie

Thanks guys!


3 hours ago, El Marijuano said:

Welcome brotha! It looks like you're going to fit in great here. My birthday is the day before yours btw 😊

Hehe, thank you! Aww that's cool 😁

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