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Hi, I'm His Lordship

His Lordship

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Why hello.  Every time I read or think about your RS name, I always read it to myself in the tone and Australian accent that you had back when you'd make all those videos.


"Hello I'm His Lordship, leader of the Wilderness Guardians."


PS I'm also 107 combat, so it will be fun comparing progress in the coming months if you plan to start scaping actively again.

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On 12/7/2018 at 1:45 AM, His Lordship said:

Hi everyone,


Looks like I'll be annoying you with plenty of posts in the forseeable future.

This is actually my first time on these forums, so I'm keen to see if there are any familiar faces.

It also appears that Mojo was kind enough to assign me leader rank, though I assure you I won't be leading in any capacity (this may change in a few months).


For those of you I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, I'm His Lordship, former leader of the Wilderness Guardians.


A brief timeline:

  • Started Runescape in August 2003
  • Founded WG in December 2003
  • Led WG until about 2013
  • Remained in regular contact with WG until about 2016


Some basic player info:

  • I used to be well known as a video-maker. I'd love to start again.
  • I *may* still hold the record of being the longest serving clan leader in Runescape
  • Australia is my current home. I lived in the UK for four years (2012-2016) I've met at least 40 clan members around the world
  • I was not as good a leader as Mojo is. If you were unlucky enough to be under my tyranny, I had regular temper tantrums and poorly thought out decisions.
  • I will be starting up on OSRS. I dislike RS3 but I tried my best to get into it... I just couldn't


Some real life info:

  • I'm a musician. Specifically I'm a classically trained composer. I teach piano full time
  • I have a boyfriend (I'm bi), and he lives in Bali. He'll be moving to Australia sometime next year.
  • I travel a lot. Not including trips to Bali to see my partner I usually take three or four overseas trips a year.
  • I'm a dedicated bodybuilder and I'm at the gym six days a week
  • Random interests of mine including LARP, scuba diving, medieval cooking, fantasy novels and cross-country hiking.


I'm so excited to get to know everyone again. I grew up with this clan and it'll be part of me for as long as I live. I'm looking forward to a treasure trove of new memories.



I was recently accepted and just wanted to say hi! I love Australia. Two of my closest friends are from there and I visited Sydney in the past year or so. It was wonderful.

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Hey good to see you around Gene, your leadership was half the reason i joined wg back in the day you really made the community a family. Good old memories of you calling my house phone at 3am to wake me and my brother up for wars and my step dad going off his nut about it 😂😂 

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