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Wilderness Guardians

My second months progress

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Now that my second month has passed I’ve decided to post my progress once again, maybe I’ll make a thing of it. Anyway after much grinding even among my reduced screen time in the last 2 weeks here it is my hard earned progress.


shoutouts to winstanley and wtfook for helping me out a bit this month and anyone else my possibly ungrateful self may have overlooked


p.s. The total lvl 1000 is just a happy coincidence 😁


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Nice man Gj!!


I will say that if you are looking for quick total levels then cooking is a good skill to look at. If you do a little checking on the GE it is sometimes possible to buy raw food cook it and sell it back for a small profit, i did this a lot on my account before i got members. 


Best of luck in the coming month man, cant wait to see what you manage to achieve!



~~WG I0wn

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