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Tell us about yourself.

I am currently in a pop punk band that travels around the SEC.
I've been playing RuneScape for a while but only recently decided to get back into it and get into OSRS instead of RS3.
Mobile helps me be able to play while I'm in our van driving to different places.


Clan history.  

I used to be in a community called Tactical Gaming (for Battlefield and Minecraft). The ranking system for them was very military-esque. I went from Squad Member to Squad Assistant to Squad Leader to either Executive Officer or Commanding Officer then back down to Squad Leader as school was needing more of my time.



How did you hear about us? I posted on Reddit and Adult Cat recommended I check y'all out.

Do you plan to join? Of course.


Any last comments?  

I may have not chosen the best time to join given the 3 weeks requirement for attending events and my band is currently on tour and next week is Valentine's day lol

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