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WG Fargorn

Fight Pits Tournament With Prizes, Hosted by CT.

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Officials from CT have asked WG to come. If a staff member could take the lead on organizing our crew that would be awesome. If there is interest. Four days remaining to prep, 50m for each winner. 

I will be working a day shift, and wont take a day off to attend. 



Twitter link; https://twitter.com/CutthroatClan/status/1100911187213144064

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First post because I am boss and care about Fargorn and what he has to say! This event looks like to could be a blast and maybe make a little money on the side. But just a fight pits together with another clan could be interesting. Can't wait to see who will pick it up to host it and hopefully we can pull big ops to look good. I really wanna try to attend this! I'll subscribe to forum to see which event master picks this up and fumbles it.

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