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WG Twiz

The clan scene in 2005 & 2006

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I was looking through my hard drive the other day and found a document I made when I was a teenager in the mid 2000s.  I was really into the clan scene back then and for some reason I saved a document outlining what the clan world looked like from a rankings perspective for 2 consecutive years.  For those who were around RS back then, enjoy the nostalgia.  If not, I'm sure you'll recognize a few names. (FYI WG isn't in the 2006 list as I'm pretty sure I created this shortly after "d-day", but iirc WG was around #12 in late 2006).


2005 Average combat/numbers for RS Clans
1.  Dark slayers (???/???)
2.  Gladiatorz (112cb/282mem)
3.  Damage Inc (120cb/183mem)
4.  Runescape Dinasty (119cb/194mem)
5.  ‘The’ (110cb/237mem)
6.  Anarchy (???/???)
7.  Corruption (109cb/188mem)
8.  Mystic Knights (112cb/134mem)
9.  TRWF (110cb/177mem)
10. Sacred Templars (112cb/149mem)
11. Followers of Malkav (???/???)
12. BlacKnights (110cb/170mem)
13. Echo of Silence (107cb/146mem)
14. Rune Raiders (???/???)
15. Wilderness Guardians (99cb/229mem)
16. Demonic Empire (107cb/155mem)
17. Fear (99cb/162mem)
18. TMRD (???/???)
19. Black Dragons (102cb/183mem)
20. Divine Forces (103cb/114mem)
21. Dead on Arrival (107cb/113mem)
22. Valor (101cb/134mem)
23. The Futures (95cb/195mem)
24. Phobia (84cb/382mem)
25. DeathRow (102cb/120mem)

-Chivalry of Legends (107cb/107mem), timezones
-Lithuanian Forces (???/???), timezones
-Exercitum (108cb/69mem), obviously fell a whole lot of power after the victory against Mystic Knights

2006 Average combat/numbers for RS Clans
1:: Dark Slayers (123cb/174mem)
2:: Damage Incorporated (123cb/119mem)
3:: Corruption (119cb/193mem)
4:: Divine Forces (117cb/131mem)
5:: ‘THE’ Clan (116cb/224mem)
6:: The Runescape Warhunger Federation (119cb/155mem)
7:: Runescape Dinasty (122cb/116mem)
--- Insert Lithuanian Forces --- (116cb/172mem)
8:: Eternal Honour (117cb/126mem)
9:: Violent Resolution (116cb/137mem)
10:: The Gladiatorz (118cb/142mem)
11:: Chivalry Legions (117cb/132mem)
12:: The Mighty Red Dragons (117cb/126mem)
13:: Anarchy (???/???)
14:: BlacKnights (116cb/143mem)
15:: Collision (114cb/102mem)
16:: Red Devil Clan (115cb/106mem)
17:: The Futures (106cb/121mem)
18:: The Titans (119cb/84mem)
19:: Moriquendi (???/???)
20:: Echo of Silence (119cb/84mem)
21:: Runescape Elites (113cb/98mem)
22:: Adelais (103cb/100mem)
23:: Exercitum (117cb/65mem)
24:: Mystic Knights (118cb/80mem)
25:: Master of Dragons (110cb/109mem)

-Rune Raiders (116cb/80mem) – Do not wished to be ranked

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5 hours ago, Mojo said:

Out of that entire list it's just us, DF and Gladz (on rs3) who are left 😢


edit: VR too

To be fair, RoT was around in 06 but they were considered NH along with nMe (although nMe were the first NH clan I think) so the vast majority of the clan world didn’t include them in rankings. VR was borderline it seemed. Didn’t know VR was still around though. 

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