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Re applying idk why lol

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I moved to the us 7 years ago before I lived in Colombia with my aunt, when I first came to the US I didn't speak inglish but I speak inglish fluently now but I still don't know some words I hope u guys understand that I'm a mobile player who never played on osrs pc and this autocorrect is fkn ennoying me I'm 15 years old so I'm still in high school learning please, excuse me if I offend you or roast u cuz i fool around a lot Sorry If im too childish, I played osrs sence mobile came out and met wg mask I met him when I lost most ma fkn armour to a goblin got clapped helplessly but ma boi wg mask bought me some new armour and gave me some gp I wouldn't be playing the game if it wasn't for him who helped me, I never saw him online again until a couple weeks ago where I asked him if he remembered me still don't know if he does and he introduced me to wilderness guardians.

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