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WG Jester


Tell us about yourself.

I’m 27 from northern kentucky. I help manage the front end/customer service department of one of the biggest/busiest stores in my company. I’m married with two kids and it sucks. (Jk married life is cool and kids are fun)

I’ve been playing osrs for maybe a year/year and a half and I’ve been more consistent in the past year as I was helping my brother powerlevel on his main, which is the account I now play on most. I’ve been playing RuneScape in general since maybe 2007? Idk, the stronghold of security was pretty fresh as I was playing. I played on and off on my main, Armthehobos, before a combination of other games and the far fetched updated to rs2 pulled me away.


Clan history.  

I’ve been in two other clans in my history on the game; RuneScape Scorpions and Imperial Forces. I was just a low tier shitter with rss but I became a warlord focusing on calls and tanks during F2P clan wars, back when that was a big thing. My pk and warring experience is brief but I’m not unfamiliar to a tactical leadership role during combat. In members however I am a scrub bitch so I have a bit to learn.



How did you hear about us? Flash animation on new grounds back when I was bored and looking up RuneScape stuff lol

Do you plan to join? Already joined. Details about why I made this post below v


Any last comments?  

I realized that one of these doesn’t exist for myself; I am not the person who originally applied to the clan and I’m not the original owner of this account, but my brother had abandoned his interest in this account and it’s affiliates shortly after joining the clan. I wanted a chance for everyone to properly become acquainted with myself without me having to explain to every individual who asks about why I’m not the guy who applied.

I realize this will be a bit weird coming from someone who’s already been in the clan for a bit. Regardless, I want folks to know who I am and what I’m about.

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