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Community Intro - Hathor Ray

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Hathor Ray


Tell us about yourself.

Well I'd like to start off with I am an asshole. Anyone who knows me knows this. I dont beat around the bush(except for gore's Bush) and I dont pull punches.

For those that are sensitive I might not be there person for you, approach me at your own risk.

Now I like playing osrs, I strongly dislike rs3. I also play league on occasion. I'm a very active person and I keep myself in good shape. Yes yas I have abs, no you cant touch them.


Clan history.  

Ddc- merged our active member with wg.
Wg- left for rl
Wg- left (I dont remember why)
Wg- left because of school
Zt- left due to inactivity
Wg- left due to inactivity
Wg- hot booted for being an asshole



How did you hear about us? I honestly dont remember

Do you plan to join? I already joined back in 04, and I'm currently a member


Any last comments?  

Despite the events of the last 24 hours I am still here, even if someone is trying to get me kicked.

Thanks slump for actually looking into all the details even after you had kicked me and I k ow you learned a lot from this (though you already knew I was an asshole) much love to our staff.

And those who fought on my behalf I thank you from the bottom of my heart (if I had one that is) and it means a lot that you guys like me so much that you would fight to keep me around.

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