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Curious about WG-Specific Memes

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I'm trying to scour the archives for WG specific memes, hopefully not specifically about Lordy but oh boy do I love clan memes.


Posting the Lordship copypasta here for all of your memeing needs


This is the worst crime I have ever seen in my history of WG. Someone tell me what fucking possessed you to kill your fucking clanmates and friends. In case you didn't notice, I'm pissed off. I don't give a pinch of shit what Havoc or Crow did. When you raid under him he is your GOD and if you want to fucking cry about something you do it afterward, in WG this is unacceptable. I did not work for 2 years to see shitlickers like you screw my plans over. I am going to give it 1 shot at getting inside your fucked up little minds, you hear? So you're going to tell me exactly what happened and why you did it. And don't give me that "they deserved it" bullshit. If you apologize, I might leave it there, if not, I'll fuck you over. I may not be the strongest or most influential, but I'm warning you, don't fuck with me or you will have NOTHING LEFT! Do I make myself fucking clear?


There is of course also the wonderful WG cooking series for all you NEETS


But yeah I know we have a couple memes we roll around but would like to document them.

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