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[Declined] Mortalfox12

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Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process.



What is your current RS name? Mortalfox12

List any previous RS namesThere has been a few. I've previously been named Old Cavalier, Mr Sparrow and U 0 (2 letters with a space inbetween). That's all I can recall. This is the only active account I play.

What is your total level and combat level?

Hello! My total level is 1948 and my combat level is 124.


Sorry, but the screenshots I took were too big to upload here (over 1kb). Checking the highscores will have to do.



Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.

I started playing back in 2007. I was a kid then and was just enjoying the game with my school friends. The real reason I was drawn to the game was due to my friend telling everyone at school how dope of a mask (the black grim reaper one) he has on his account (he got it from the 2007 halloween event). I wanted to be cool aswell and get that mask, so I created my own account and started scapin'. Needless to say, I grew fond of the game.

The name Mortalfox12 has a weird origin. I've always had an issue with coming up with a good name, so back in the day I would just let Jagex pick a random username for me and I would go for it. Mortalfox12 was that random username and I've loved it ever since. I reckon it demonstrates a low level of creativity, but that's just how it is I guess.

AFK woodcutting is the skill I enjoy most. But cooking is alright too.

I like skilling the most, but recently I've developed an interest for PKing. I started playing competitive games in LMS (the ones that charge 10K per game). At first I got crushed, but the more I played, the better I got. Now I have 3 total wins (which did not happen due to blind luck) and I'm loving the minigame.


Tell us about your clan history.

I used to be in a PVM clan for a short period, but the clan died. Can't recall the name. I used to play RS3 back in the day and I was in a skilling clan, but I just can't remember what it was called. Nowadays, I'm all about OSRS.


Tell us about your yourself.

To tell you the truth, I'm not very comfortable with giving out information about myself online. It has nothing to do with the clan specifically, it's just a principle of mine. What I can tell you is that I'm in GMT+1 timezone and my first name is Alexander. I am a 26 year old male and I work. I enjoy reading and bike riding, but I also like playing computer games. I also enjoy listening to music, as any other person would. I hope you are willing to consider me despite my peculiarity.


How did you hear about us?  I googled for an OSRS PKing clan. Runescape 2007 pvp clan, and then WG came up.

What makes you want to join us? This clan seems to be very sophisticated. And by my understanding it also has a steady base of members. That means, PK trips happen often, which is good. I also expect to become a better PKer. And to meet lots of new and cool friends!


Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clanYes


Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I am not an experienced PKer. I started practicing tribridding 4 days ago in LMS. By no means can I stand my ground against a person who has PKed for years. But on the other hand! I've already won 3 LMS competitive games and I'm getting better every game I play. Make no mistake, there is lots of room for improvement.

I have never botted on this game, real world traded or scammed anyone. I haven't even tried to do that. If i had, chances are I would have been banned already.

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Your application has been declined as you did not request your application review from an Application Manager or Leader.

Feel free to apply again if you feel you can be active.

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