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Wilderness Guardians

Community Intro - Qoif

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Tell us about yourself.

Thought I'd introduce myself here as I'm around in the CC a lot. 23 year old lad from London, nice to meet you guys! Have been around WG for quite a few years now so it's cool to see the clan still going strong. Currently I only have plans to play on my ironman (quarantine has given me another opportunity to hop back on lol), but I'd be keen to give raids a go at some point.


Clan history.  

Ex-Wilderness Guardians Member
Joined January 2016
Warlord June 2016 - October 2016
Re-joined September 2017
Application Manager October 2017 - April 2018



How did you hear about us? My, myself and I

Do you plan to join? Maybe?


Any last comments?  

My main account is F LU X.


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