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to be or to let be...

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im in the midst of accumulating my 10 or so posts on the forums so i figured i may aswell mess around a little with some off topic comedy...

ive got this raging hard on this mornin so ima keep it straight too point... you ever wonder why my grammar is so shity?

well let me tell ya why i tend to do it on purpose who the hell needs punctuation

lets be honest you're gonna read the sentance and figure that shit out anyways right??

so my pecker leans in at a nice 45 dagrees on a tuesday i figured id just throw that out there

currently thrusting my way to an ssj3 hardon but i aint quite there yet

ive yet to evaluate if sense of humor is a good thing around here or if it disturbs the certain few

how ever i do appreciate your time at reading this it shows youve got alot of time on your hands

when the sun drops tonight you may go to bed a little smarter knowing my pecker leans at a nice 45

if its cold it may lean to a nice 35

and that concludes our daily post of whats on my mind. god bless keep the peace and dont get your shit rocked in the rev caves this upcoming event

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