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Corb's Inferno Grind


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Convinced and inspired by @Genesis and @Crazyooga to make my own Inferno grind blog post. I'll make a list of the wave I died on for each attempt. I've been to Inferno before to unlock music tracks and to just dick about so I won't be counting any of these visits as actual attempts. Once I have set some tile markers I'll begin my first attempt!


Attempt 1: Wave 15

Attempt 2: Wave 24

Attempt 3: Wave 23

Attempt 4: Wave 40

Attempt 5: Wave 50

Attempt 6: Wave 23

Attempt 7: Wave 15

Attempt 8: Wave 45

Attempt 9: Wave 30

Attempt 10: Wave 31



Here is the gear I'll be using:  Updated gear below2020-07-22_09-57-08.thumb.jpg.34c514888b04be56c9cc25632269fae1.jpg


June 2021 Update: New year new me, back at it and hope to get it by the end of July this year. NEW AND IMPROVED GEAR:




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First death: wave 15. After setting too many tile markers i decided to try it blind before watching / reading guides. I died because I panicked when the two blobs popped up then ran to the melee who hugged my face. switches are slow as shit and prayer flicks don't exist yet. Might try again later today



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Died on wave 24. Hindsight is 20/20, I shouldn't have ran to the south pillar. I should've prayed range and tanked and killed the blob that wasn't stuck behind the north pillar. Then blood barraged the ranger then dealt with the final blob. Enjoying OSRS again though and I'm looking forward to trying again



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Died on wave 23. I was too greedy with the nibblers and I blood barraged them rather than ice barrage them which threw me off. Should've gone we$t side after initial barrage regardless and dealt with bat before trying to then finish off nibblers. Can only seem to do the one attack blob/ranger method, I try the two tick method and end up getting boned. Going to try again maybe tomorrow but definitely the day afterwards.



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First time back in almost a year. After watching many inferno attempts for Klod et al and getting their knowledge I went back and died at wave 40.

Was doing a 1 tick lazy flick (?) between mage and blob. Must've zoned out because I clicked Incredible Reflexes instead of protect from mage and then I panicked and then I died.


Feel a lot more confident than I did last year though!



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Second run for today: Got to wave 50 and died to mage range stack. Wasn't quick enough with first prayer switch and then the whole thing was out of sync and they DP'd me royally. Chanced so many mage attacks in the previous couple of waves as well haha



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