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I had a blackwidow ultimate that lasted me like 5 years. Was very happy with that. It still sort of works but some keys type multiple times when I click em.


Atm, I have a Razer Ornata which is ok. The sound is very satisfying but it's not as good/fast as the blackwidow that I had.

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It seems to be out of stock in the UK Amazon store, but I've been using a Logitech G710+ for 3 years and have been happy so far. The custom keys on the left are fantastic for me as well as the volume scroller on the top right. I bought it for $82 USD in 2017, so it definitely not the most expensive but gets the job done for me. I'm sure there are better ones out there and people who have bought keyboards more recent than me though.

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Do you have a preference for switches? I had the blackwidow ultimate for a while with blue switches and that was great. Now I have a corsair k95 with reds (didn't have an option for blue) and I'd say it's pretty decent. Personally I found out i'm a bigger fan of blues though

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I assume you want the UK layout with the small left shift key with slash next to it and the angled return key. Yes definitely mechanical. The question is do you want clicky switches with tactile feedback, or do you want linear switches that tend to perform faster for gaming?


TOP RECOMMENDATION FOR UK - 73 GBP Corsair Red Switches TKL Black Keyboard w/ Red LEDs- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CH-9115020-UK-Key-Less-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B06XQ5G9ZZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=corsair%2Bred%2Bswitches&qid=1602277951&sr=8-6&th=1&psc=1


Blue switches are typically the louder with heavier clicky key presses, but they are also the least expensive which is the main reason to buy them. Blue switches provide a satisfying typing and productivity experience, and perform just fine for gaming!


For 20 - 34 GBP you can get these inexpensive black RGB mechanical keyboards with blue switches. I always prefer the more compact versions, but if you are doing calculations or data entry on a regular basis you should robably get it with the number pad.










For slightly more money you can start looking at Brown switches which are a bit softer and feel faster while gaming, but still provide tactile feedback and a soft click for a satisfying typing experience. A little more will get you red linear switches which don't have the feedback click mechanism and perform even faster for gaming with a 2.0mm actuation. The next step is speed switches with 1.2mm or better. Speed switches are cherry silvers or razer yellows. Theres also expensive linear optical switches from several brands.


$38 Ten Keyless RGB w/ Brown switches



$33 Ten Keyless White LED w/ Red Switches



35 GBP for Compact Keyboard w/ Red Switches, White keyboard with White LEDs



45 GBP for TKL Keyboard w/ Red Switches, Black Keyboard with RGB LEDs



65 GBP for 60% RGB w/ Red Switches



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Im a bit late to this party but anyway..... a few things to keep in mind are: do you have a spouse/kids/roommate/etc that can hear it? if so then avoid mechanical...you will be shot. I bought a corsair k55 specifically because it is moderately quiet...i can type at 4 am without the person sleeping 14 feet away getting pissed

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