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Wilderness Guardians

Community Intro - Slumptality

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Tell us about yourself.

Hi there i'm Slumptality, irl name is Damian, to those that know me no introduction is required, But for those who have come since after my time, I am the former Advisor for WG, I resigned 9 months ago after a major burnout and have only just now returned to RS, I'm looking forward to meeting all the new members of the clan and getting back into the swing of things, If you see me in game don't hesitate to say hello, and if anyone wants to do BA just say the word.


Clan history.  

AAO - Against All Odds
EOP - Eruption of Pures
WG - Wilderness Guardians



How did you hear about us? History speaks for itself.

Do you plan to join? Just try and stop me.


Any last comments?  

It's good to be back.

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5 hours ago, Why Try Guy said:

I was in AAO back in 2016, I wonder if it's still being run by a bunch of teenagers who think saying the N word is funny? Either way, it's nice to see you back, hopefully we can do some stuff online together.

from what i know the clan is run by some guy named jason now, i was also in AAO in 2016, username was Le Pure

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