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Welcome, dear friend, to the realm of the Wilderness Guardians.

We are a PvP, PvM and social clan, active in all of the major Jagex games: RuneScape 3, Old-School and its offshoot Deadman Mode Seasonal. Established in 2003, we are one of the oldest surviving groups, and are proud to make the bold claim that we are RuneScape’s most famous clan. We have an incredibly rich history, have served as a dominant force in P2P PvP, offer one of the most incredible communities and much more which separates us from the thousands of other clans as being truly unique.

Feel free to browse around our website - you should find everything you need to know about us here, including information on how to join. You’re also more than welcome to register on our forums, or visit our Discord server or in-game CCs to say hello!

Latest News

November 1st - WG Suffud was October's Member of the Month.
October 26th - WG hit the DarkScape Clan Chat Cap so an activity sweep was conducted.
October 1st - Lordsamm was September's Member of the Month.
September 16th - DarkScape was released prompting WG to create a Clan Chat for it.
September 1st - Taibz was August's Member of the Month.
August 1st - Snowzak was July's Member of the Month.