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Title: Some Zulrah advice?
Post by: The Ponderer on November 01, 2016, 07:56:50 am
I think I'm ready to start doing Zulrah though I've never tried it before. I was looking for some advice on gear to use while I start to learn the rotations and what-not. I was planning on wearing serp helm, ahrims, toxic trident, book of darkness, occult with a zammy d hide, blowpipe, fury switch. Would this gear be good enough for efficient kills with my stats? Or are there better gear alternatives (besides void lol)? I'm 86 mage, 85 range, 75 def btw.
Title: Re: Some Zulrah advice?
Post by: Restore PvP on November 01, 2016, 08:23:45 am
Sounds good enough. Of course there is always better gear (Tormented, Anguish, Arcane etc) but with what is listed you should at least be able to get kills and learn the rotations while not doing too bad for yourself. I personally use Void, but that's a grind on it's own.

Whether you get kills fast enough to be 'efficient' is just relative. Obviously going to be slower and more inefficient with non BIS gear or maxed lvls, but it shouldn't be an issue.
Title: Re: Some Zulrah advice?
Post by: excide on November 01, 2016, 02:41:54 pm
What i did for my first kill after failing a couple, i just killed it with range...Just to learn the rotations a bit better... but in your case might now work since youre 85 range.. i was 90+, but you might give it a shot if you keep failing..