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Title: Community Intro - MusicalStory
Post by: Musical on April 05, 2017, 06:02:24 pm


My RuneScape Name: MusicalStory

About Me: Well my name is James Woods, and no i'm not that guy from family guy that goes "ooo piece of candy." i'm 21 years old working on my degree in being a Computer Programming Specialist, also working at Taco Bell soon to become a Manager to manage the employees at the joint. I'm living with my father to this date but we are being more considered as "room mates."

My Runescape history started with a friend named Terrance, he introduced this game to me when I watched him play back in 07. I begged my parents to let me have an account on it (Because strict parents back then), and when they finally gave in I created my account with the name Woods562.  The first thing I remember doing on the day of the account was exploring every aspect that F2P had to offer far os holiday events, quests, training, all that good stuff! When I noticed the gate one day north of Falador that lead to a town called Taverly and saw the membership message I wondered to myself "What is beyond those gates?"

I asked my father if he could give me the membership onto the game, when he gave in and got me membership the first thing I ever did when I arrived on the member world was opened the gate that lead to the member world. I was a complete noob at what to do, and I remember asking someone "How do you fletch?" I was so wondering to find out how to fletch on runescape to gain my first exp in a member skill. Soon as I mastered how to do fletching I got really excited for the adventures I will be having.

Months down the road I would do many things that Runescape had to offer me with membership, but my first 99 skill was a F2P skill known as woodcutting, and there is a video of me obtaining it as well somewhere on youtube!

Further down the road I train my skills up, battle my way through quests and eventually I would end up with the goal that not everyone enjoys, but is mostly honored by people back in the day known as the Quest Cape. If you had a Quest cape back in the day then you were a complete boss at the game, but now its just like "eh just another cape." The quest cape will always, and forever shall be one of my most favorite capes of all time, and will always seem like a bad ass achievement to me.

Time moved on, my friend who introduced me to Runescape left and went out for college in 2010, and odd updates were coming to the game such as the legacy mode of Runescape, and the removal of the Wilderness, and only sat there playing while watching the player count drop more and more each day. Yet there was one day that completely changed everything I knew about the game known as.... the dreaded EOC. The moment that came out is when the Runescape playerbase went from where it was at back in 07 down to less than half of what it used to be. I still played attempting to enjoy as much of the game as I possibly could, but there was something missed about the game everyday I played.

When Old School Runescape came back to play I was like "YEAAAAAH!!!" and immediately went on the playing the game! Boy did it suck starting back from the bottom, but it was all worth it in the end to see how Old school Runescape came to be today.

Clan history (if any): The first clan I ever joined was the Jive Turkeys, This clan found me when house parties were a thing back in the day and asked me to join them. I stuck with them for a bit until they died. ABC was next and was found with that... clan banner like thing in the game and thought that it would be an interesting skilling clan to join. Stayed with them for a very long time like they were a good family, but then everyone started to leave slowly, but surely they were leaving the clan and it was dying slowly everyday. It was down to only a couple of players far as I remembered, and their names were: FattyCatJw, Dreadnipper (me), ZeroSensei, and Lady Sugars. I don't know where these people are at now, but they will always be close friends to me by heart. Then there was Force of War.... I didn't really stick with them so not really much to say about them.

When I permanently came into Old School, the first Clan I joined was Wilderness Guardians. This clan taught me how to PK, and its a skill that I will never want to give up, and will practice more as time goes by. The day they made me Warlord was by far the most fun I had with PK trips, and even if my calling was bad at times (Mojo can sure say something about that...) we still won some battles. When I stepped down to become Event Master I had plenty of IRL stuff that just wouldn't settle and would give me a whole lot of stress.

Where did you hear about us? The first time I ever heard about the Wilderness Guardians was though youtube, and on zybez. The youtube video was the one of His Lordships rant.

Planning to join? Stopping by... *cough* sup *cough*

Final comments (if any): I still hope to be your friends everyday.
Title: Re: Community Intro - MusicalStory
Post by: Mojo on April 05, 2017, 06:14:37 pm

Planning to join? Stopping by... *cough* sup *cough*


Nice intro Musical, see you around friend :)
Title: Re: Community Intro - MusicalStory
Post by: Musical on April 05, 2017, 06:25:08 pm
Same to you Mojo
Title: Re: Community Intro - MusicalStory
Post by: Shady2gunz on April 06, 2017, 02:44:21 am
It was an interesting read brother :P Good to meet you.
Title: Re: Community Intro - MusicalStory
Post by: Brandon on April 06, 2017, 02:57:40 am
I went to school for network engineering and run a IT Company. Let me know if you need anything help.