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Author Topic: how to DAY 1 fresh out of Tutorial Island, in style (FTP)  (Read 1493 times)

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how to DAY 1 fresh out of Tutorial Island, in style (FTP)
« on: February 11, 2017, 07:35:09 am »
So you're fresh out of Tutorial Island? Good. It's time to get them stats boy. BTW this is FTP guide  :D :D

Chapter 1: Acquiring GP

Fuck Stronghold. Fuck Authenticator, takes too long to setup for 10k. You will walk to edgeville. You will switch to world 8 (wilderness world). With your shitty level 3 account, you will run around and pick up addy arrows. You will run around and pick up lobsters. You will run around and you will pick up swordfish. You will run around and you will pick up monk robes. You will run around and pick up anything that is worth anything of value and you will do this for around 1 hour using the price checker in your equipment tab to value the items you pick up. Handy feature. By the end of it, you will have around 100k worth of garbage, perhaps more. As you do this for longer and longer, you will learn how to do it better. Now go the GE and sell it all.

Chapter 2: Training Magic

Now you have 100k. Go buy a fire staff, 2000 air runes and 1000 mind runes. You will train magic to 25. This will take you no time. You will go kill the guards standing at the eastern entrance to varrock, using the rocks as a safespot. This means you will position yourself behind the rocks and attack the guard from that spot so the guard is stuck at the other end of the rock and cannot get to you. The pathing in the game is absolutely fucking ridiculous and he does not know how to walk around the rock. If you attack the guard from a distance or even attack him from behind the rock, he will walk the shortest distance to you and if the rock is in the way then he will not walk around it. He will just walk in front of it and stop walking. Very easy. Otherwise you'll be tanking hits too high for you to take and you might die. Now we don't want that do we. The exp is so damn fast at low levels you will get addicted to it and you may train it even further. If you want to train it to 31, then be my guest. Lumbridge Teleport is also very useful. When you finish training magic, make sure you have at least 500 air runes and 1000 air runes for future use. If you run out of runes, go buy more then. You just need like 10 casts or some shit like that for the quest that is coming up. 10 casts to kill the boss should be more than enough but who the fuck brings 10 casts? Bring like ten million casts with you. You're a machine. And don't bother buying magic robes nigga only buy what I tell you to buy. You will waste so much time trying to figure out the best magic setup and buying the best gear for some bullshit placebo that makes you think you'll actually hit higher at these rubbish levels but you will not. And you will waste your money. Don't fall for it. Armour 4 bitches man. You will have food anyway to heal you on your incoming quest if you're scared of taking hits. But do what you want, if you want to buy robes and waste your money then go for it. Shit costs like 1gp lol. Might be useful in the future too. But just don't waste your time on trivial shit. You know what, just get the damn robes if you really want them they look good but don't waste your time.


PSA, not wearing anything because i'm only trying to show you how to use the safespotting tactic.

Chapter 3: Vampire Slayer

Now you have a decent magic level. This means you are doing some good damage. You will go to the GE and you will buy 200 trout. you will buy 1 law rune, 3 air runes and 1 fire rune. These runes are the required runes for a varrock teleport. This spell is so damn useful. I use it like 100 times a day. Hell if you can, buy like 10 varrock teleport runes because you will use this spell that often. Yeah actually buy fuck loads of them because you'll be using them to save a lot of walking when you're training melee later on in Stronghold because you will have to run back to Varrock to restock on food if you don't use Varrock Tele. Yeah fuck that. Use the Tele if you have it.

Now you will do vampire slayer. You will kill the boss at the end using fire strike. You will do so much damage. Somewhere in the quest, it is required that you travel from Draynor, to Varrock. You will use the Varrock teleport spell that you bought runes for in the paragraph before this one. This will save you some time but the spell is so useful that you will use it a lot in the future. Once you complete Vampire Slayer, your attack stat has gone from 1, to 20.

Use this guide for the quest and use this channel for any other quest you have to complete in the game. Slayermusiq is god incarnate and a well respected figure in the RS community. His guides are the best on Youtube and will save you so much trouble. Other quest guides suck ass and will make you run around in circles but not this guy and I hope you never have to face the sort of BS I had to with other people.

edit: ok i just watched that guide and it's not his best. read the comments on that video before you do the quest. also, make sure to get the garlic you see in his inventory from the cupboard UPSTAIRS in Morgans House. and bring a hammer with you before you start the quest. this is the sort of stuff that will drive you insane when you're halfway through a quest. his other guides are good though. this one is ehh. but this is a good taste of what can happen on a quest.

Chapter 4: Kill stuff and learn the game!

Now you travel to the GE. You will buy a mithril scimitar and you will buy a full iron set. You will also buy a strength amulet and a cape for style. Now home tele to Lumbridge and go kill cows to raise your strength level. Don't train defense yet. Go kill cows until 10-20 strength then go to Barbarian village. Enter the Stronghold of Security and go kill shit inside of it. Don't underestimate how strong you are and don't be paranoid about dying. Go kill higher level shit to learn how strong you actually are so you can maximize your XP/H. If you die, you have an hour to pick your shit up. Worst case scenario, you ate like 5 trouts to kill something worth littlish XP. Once you are out of food, tele to varrock using your varrock teleport runes. Restock then run back. Train defense when your strength is like 25 or something because you will hit higher and therefor more XP for defense. Like why train defense when your hitting shitty 2's when you can train it on demonic 5's.

Stick around here and just keep killing shit. I don't want to tell you what to kill because that's up to you to learn. It's up to you to learn how strong you actually are and what you know you can kill and how strong other monsters are. This is game knowledge. You will learn if you make it so. Also, you will prioritize training strength over attack. You are not Mr Fedora who attacks his enemies with the utmost precision, you are a fucking demon who shits fury with high strength. Plus it's 100x more efficient to keep your strength level high because it's the only way to increase your melee hits. Attack means you can tier up your weapon from mithril to adamant or from adamant to rune, but strength is what makes sure you hit high. Attack for consistency, Strength for Higher hits. Keep your strength level high bro. It just looks so fucking noob when you see someone with 40 attack and like 20 strength.

Chapter 5: Aim High

If you've been killing shit here for the day, you should finish up with around 40/40/40 (atk/str/def). Haters will tell you this isn't possible but you just have to remember that they are just angry nerds trying to jack your wu tang sword style. All jokes aside though, aim for that. You may not get that but you will get very damn close to it. I finished with something like 34/39/20 (atk/str/def) without really trying using this method. Plus I had like 25 magic too. Not bad for first day :D


Now day 1 is over. You have a decent cash stack, some decent stats and a couple teleport spells.

Now day 2 is up to you. Figure it out :)

You can do it.

PSA, I'm in full mithril because some dude just came along and gave it to me for no reason. Train in full iron armour until full rune but make you sure you tier up your weapon. Anything below rune armour is just a waste of money and you should not bother wasting your hard earned gp on it. But if you mussssttttttttt, then go get some mithril armour when you get the required defense levelllllllllll...stick with that until full rune if you really have toooooooooooooooooo...I mean I know you're going to hate sitting in full iron if you're new to the game because you really want to gear up because it looks awesome :) It's your journey so it really does not matter one bit to me.


Oh and if you can, spit raps or tell jokes in the GE for like 5-10k. People will pay you. If you also spot a money doubler, you can 'test 20k' on them and bam, you just earned yourself a free 20k which will go a long way in your early levels. Testing 20k means fooling the money doubler into thinking you have more than you do. You should say something like, 'If I give you 20k, I'll go bank and get more?' - 'is that ok?' and they will double that every time. Trust me. It's all about the dialogue. Don't be too nice but don't be too demanding. Just be a normal cunt. And since you are new to this game, money doublers do not exist, they are all scammers out to get you for all your shekels.

Good luck.

EDIT: If at any point in this guide, you are hindered by trade restrictions due to your account being new, then I highly suggest doing the quests Romeo and Juliett, Doric's quest and Imp Catcher for a quick 7 Quest Points to clear it. If the completion of these quests are hindered because you lack the GP to buy the items required for the quest, then just sit in the GE and do what I suggested in the last paragraph for an easy 20k which will be more than enough to get those quests out of the way. I used this guide on a level 3 account that I cleared trade restrictions on, hence why you notice a mining stat of 10 in the screenshot above. These quests take no time at all and Romeo and Juliett is a pretty fun quest to do I found. The other 2 quests can be completed the instant you start them because both of these quests just require you to gather certain items for the person. If you already have them in your inventory, then it's instant completion which is just so easy.

Thing is I'm not entirely sure if trade restrictions will hinder you. I don't think it will but you never really know and I can't be bothered playing fresh FTP account to verify something so trivial.
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Re: how to DAY 1 fresh out of Tutorial Island, in style (FTP)
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2017, 05:16:17 pm »
Decent F2P guide :)

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Re: how to DAY 1 fresh out of Tutorial Island, in style (FTP)
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2017, 09:53:48 pm »
Watch out, heard this guy scams people out of 20k  @ ge :wtf: :dowant:

Funny guide lol, wish it would reach more low lvl players tho :3
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Go to hell and build a snowman.

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Re: how to DAY 1 fresh out of Tutorial Island, in style (FTP)
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2017, 12:50:38 pm »
Lmao good shit fam, 10/10 story telling


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