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Author Topic: Notable Old School Clans  (Read 7770 times)

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Re: Notable Old School Clans
« Reply #25 on: February 20, 2017, 06:17:45 am »
Menacing Warriors, The Crusade, Phoenix Elite, Raining Chaos, Rivalry Damage, Sleeping Dragons, Eternal Honor...etc
Sorry for grave-digging to the point of necrophilia but I was just Googling for nostalgic reasons and it was great to find Phoenix Elite on here. :)

I was the founder and leader for all 5 years (and the 7 years we remained as a community after we retired from RS). I remember that we had ties with WG. And, with my terrible memory, WG strikes me as one of the only remarkable clans that come to mind when I think of PE's time.

I remember when you guys offered and provided us protection during a big all-out that we suspected would get crashed (and did -- by THE teaming up with another clan if I remember right). I don't know if anyone from that era remains let alone remembers our clans' relationship but I was always fond of WG.

I'm glad to see WG is still around and I'd like to offer my congratulations on smashing PE's significant record for longevity (2004-2016 -- declared inactive in RS in 2009).


P.S. I just spoke to Trav (Traveler) and he passes on his regards as well.
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Re: Notable Old School Clans
« Reply #26 on: February 21, 2017, 12:54:26 am »
didn't pe start off on rsb? i think i remember them from there i used to lead a very popular rsb clan we just never made it over to rsc before i closed its doors

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Re: Notable Old School Clans
« Reply #27 on: June 14, 2017, 05:55:44 am »
I remeber when i was in twl we was allies and i think i had em as allies when i was leading abyssal deatj


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