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  1. Sjoerd
  2. Hey Jared, I'm fine. It's a while indeed, how are you? Hey Hathor, I can remember you stepping down as a warlord back when I was WG shortly after I joined right? Aye Pirate! Lol, Hi Suffud. Maxed cmb already? It's 2018 ffs Hey Black, doing fine, how are you? Oh, Forgot to mention some really bad, poor leadership Dutch clans back in 2007. I think they went by the name Reinforce I, II & III Luf u Hi Mojo!
  3. Hell yeah!
  4. Lordsamm Tell us about yourself. I'm Lordsamm. Was a member of WG couple of years ago. Now in Vitality, #1 Dutch PvP clan. Clan history. Vitality Ancient Fury WG How did you hear about us? Heard about WG long time ago like 2006 Do you plan to join? not atm Any last comments? Frozen and Lait Choco are Kechs!