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  3. I've recently been going on nature walks, hiking trips with my girlfriend. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on future trips we can take!
  4. Papa Cheesie

    Papa Cheesie

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Papa Cheesie What is your current RS name? Papa Cheesie List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? My total Level is 267 my combat level is 38 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing this game roughly 2 weeks ago, i dont really know what my name means as I was going to do just Cheesie but it was unavailable so I just added papa in front of it. My favourite skill at the moment would have to be combat. My favourite activity would have to be questing. Tell us about your clan history. I’ve been in one other clan called MalevvolentRS, but left die to people being assholes Tell us about your yourself. My name is Jayden, i a, 15 years old and I am currently in grade 9. I am from Australia. I have a few hobbies including Warhammer, Dungeons and dragons and listening to music. I like being social and having fun with mates. I don’t like people being dicks to other people for the sake of being a dick How did you hear about us? Via reddit. I was browsing the subreddit 2007scape What makes you want to join us? I just want to be part of an amazing clan and hopefully make some good mates along the way Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
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  6. Progress is progress no matter the method. Looking forward to seeing you around the cc and best of luck as your push for max.
  7. Postie Pete is back with June's Gielinor Gazette! View the full article
  8. Check out last week's livestream transcript! View the full article
  9. yikes sorry to see you go @Burg Viper good clan your missing out on.
  10. Haha, I know, right? When making all my socials and stuff, I just googled the letter "H", and thought it also looked like the history channel. Thanks! I will for sure. Thanks for the offer, I definitely will! Just 1911 at the moment, but thanks to good ol' COVID, my work went completely 100% work from home in 2021, so all I do every day is get paid to play OSRS haha. I know it's not "optimal training" to do maniacal monkeys, smithing dart tips, cutting rubies, etc., but I've just been doing the afk ways of training for most skills so I can still focus somewhat on work.
  11. I love seeing posts like this. Feel free to come and chat in our cc as a guest while you go for max. How far off max are you? If you don't mind me asking.
  12. Welcome to the forums, throw in an app I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  13. Use "WG" for the clan as Ghost mentioned, we don't use WG_CC much anymore except for raids and stuff. The CC is sometimes closed, but you should be able to join 90% of the time. Discord is much easier though.
  14. Welcome! Your profile reminds me of The History Channel logo. That's an impressive tenure on Runescape! Looking forward to you applying, maybe you can set up some Jackbox game events for us, use to do it all the time
  15. This week we have some final tweaks to Giants' Foundry, and a much-anticipated change to Unranked Group Iron! View the full article
  16. I've always wanted to go to Japan, especially for the food. I'd like to go to Italy. My brother went there and couldn't stop telling me all of the awesome things he saw.
  17. HubertTheMad Tell us about yourself. Hello! My name is Hugh Crowder, and I was browsing through the OSRS clan forums and found this website. I've been playing since 2004 (I think that's right, I have a yo-yo in RS3, so at least 2004!), and only started OSRS at the beginning of the year. I love all sorts of video games, especially MMORPGs and fun "party" steam games like Phasmophobia, Jackbox, etc. I'm originally from Sweden, but moved to the US when I was young. I really love doing everything in OSRS (even when grinding the not-so-fun skills and achievements), but am a big fan of PvP and PvM. I used to PK a lot before the wildy was removed, and enjoyed those huge clan wars in F2P and P2P. I think it's cool that old clans like this one is still around, as sadly I don't really talk to the people I used to play with back in the day, and it's really nostalgic to think about how Runescape used to be. I'm looking forward to joining this clan eventually, I just want to max first before I do so, because I want to enjoy PKing and PvMing without needing to feel like I have to grind skills and achievement diaries. Basically, I want to get to a point where I just log in to hang out and do social events, PK or PvM instead of logging in to skill or grind before I join a clan. Clan history. Damage Inc How did you hear about us? OSRS clan forums Do you plan to join? Eventually Any last comments? Just wanted to say hi at this time, and to say that your website and clan look sweet! Hopefully I'll join by the end of this year or sometime next year when I'm maxed :)
  18. From someone who has taken several hiatuses, I've found it best to come up with a few goals you can push toward that way if you begin to burn out on one you can switch tactics and change up what you're doing. On that same note though, don't force yourself to play if you don't want to. Take a day or two break and recharge.
  19. I can't find a way to delete my account... Please delete my profile, Administrators.
  20. Hi, welcome to our forums! How are you liking morality?
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