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    Grats man
  3. Zutheris

    Love me some Tom and Jerry cant beat classics
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  7. I'm like level 86ish doing a Lightning Arrow build and yea Betrayal is awesome so much shit to do. The Syndicate is strong though a few of the straight 1 shot me and I'm only in T8 maps its wack.
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  9. Thottpilgrim

    Welcome to WG! Good luck with your application.
  10. 300and40 Tell us about yourself. my name is phil. ive been around rs since 05. Clan history. been in many clans in the past including tfc,rk, and di. How did you hear about us? rs forums, known throughout the years of wg Do you plan to join? sure Any last comments? i like to do group pking and like to just hang out and do social stuff.
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  15. WG Gore Def

    Just gonna repost the one I've posted on the other thread:
  16. Mojo

    Hello and welcome!
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  19. WG Fargorn

    Welcome and good luck!
  20. WG Fargorn

    Good luck
  21. WG Fargorn

    Good luck with the app dude
  22. Donktastic

    Welcome and good luck
  23. Adult Cat

  24. Nasty J

    WG Lohow, I was not in Endless Vengeance. I'll reach out Tuesday or so, I've got a lot of family that'll be visiting over the holidays so it may not seem like the best time to apply to a clan but I figure I might as well get to know people in the mean time. I'll divulge some more information about all of that to whoever is interested or wants to know (active military is what I'm referencing). I'll hop on discord at some point today too, thanks!
  25. WG Lohow

    Hey, welcome
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