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  1. welcome back im from norway! Getting big on the scandinavian crew
  2. Welcome cutthroat syndicate (cxs?) i was In that one too Back In the day!
  3. Welcome bud as presented this is the best place to be! We are a honour clan, and are Very strict to that ideal, so We work and expect our members that want to be a part of this awesome community to abide by jagex Rules and our code of conduct, so rwt is a big nono, doing the bonds method is however legal But people also makes mistakes and adapt/learn from them i do recommend (as i got multiple alts too) to simply make one now while you like afk combat or something on your main then do some quests on the side for it to be ready for nmz or something, and then just afk train it while you play your main you wont need rwt with that and by being is this clan will remove the need
  4. welcome buddy glad to see ya
  5. Welcome Back scandinavians run this place
  6. welcome ill send some condolences on the small willy too
  7. Im kinda excited, but dont want to be either because risk of hardcore disapointment when wildy actually get some love
  8. Welcome to WG any friend of Gore is a friend of us you’ll like it here for sure!
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