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  1. Welcome No way you got copy pastaed
  2. welcome back
  3. welcome back for real
  4. schmiiiited


  5. oh shit bud What are your so far plans tho and wishes for how it to be? Lots of stuff to cover - book church/priest?, venue? food - make or company? Cake tastings and choosing, clothes and clothes for potential others if setup? drinks/bar? hotel? car to and from?
  6. Did not see this topic until now But i am on the Stock market. I target only dividends paying stocks which i re-invest. My main strategy was and is big companies which is more «safe» and paid dividends for years and most likely will for a lifetime. Past year i started with some more volatile within shipping and gas/oil that Pay Good In Good times but hella more risk, now i try to increase my portfolio and safeing it up a bit. Im In for longterm 10+ years, and i avoid trying to time market (always gone bad). Goal is to be able to live of it someday. Rn i Get aprox 2 «extra month sallary» a year that gets reinvested.
  7. Welcome excisting member
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