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  1. Ghost Sabre


    Nice to meet you! WELCOME!
  2. Welcome back my brother
  3. yeetin on em til they got nothin left
  4. Hey Lordy nice to see you around again.
  5. What's the stats on your main? When you join the clan, you join as an individual with all your accounts. Not just one account.
  6. Likes- big boobs and beers, sometimes fast food. Dislikes-peoples feet. +1
  7. welcome and good lucK! add a bit more to your app to get accepted
  8. Ghost Sabre

    [Declined] Tragar

    welcome! thanks for adding more to your app. good luck!!
  9. welcome and GL!!! hope to pk w/ u soon
  10. Ghost Sabre

    [Declined] Xyted

    welcome m8 lets go to the wildy n get zooted
  11. welkom m8! alles goed?
  12. welcome! add some more to your app
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