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  1. Jason yeetin on deez hoez
  2. I'll have to check that out on my main eventually... got a long way to go until I reach reqs for amethyst tho!
  3. Welcome back and good luck!
  4. You're UK right? You might not fully understand the reason we have the second amendment in the USA. In addition to the defense of our families and homes, we have the right to bear arms to resist and overthrow a tyrannical government if/when all other checks and balances fail. Nobody is hiding behind hunting or purely home defense against a single unarmed burglar. It is more of a deterrent at the current moment, but if the government becomes unstable the citizens have the capability to re-organize. As far as home defense, the more wealthy you are, the bigger target you become for professional armed robberies. If you want to be naive and plan to call 911 that's your choice. I can't afford to wait if someone comes in my house trying to steal my wealth or hold my family hostage. This shit is real; it's not just in the movies. If you think I'm exaggerating, then open your mind and educate yourself by looking up real attacks on homes over the last 20 years. They don't usually get media coverage so it's more difficult to stay informed. Mass shootings get media coverage because the broadcasts are profitable. Anyway, while this subject has been debated constantly for the past 30+ years, limitations on firearms can only go so far. First, there are millions of unregistered firearms that laws do not affect. Second, if the government attempts to mandate a ban on firearms, there will literally be a civil war. The citizens aren't going to turn in their weapons.
  5. Mixer is actually higher quality and less delay 90% of the time. It also seems to load faster on my mobile data versus Twitch... probably superior compression technology; I don't know. It's more gaming focused and seems less toxic. When I start streaming FPS games again I might quit Twitch as well and focus on Mixer. This is a great sign for Mixer and Microsoft. Microsoft is agressively expanding their gaming businesses with stuff like Mixer and Project xCloud, acquiring/opening dozens of new game development studios, and doubling up on Game Pass for both PC and XBOX. Competition breeds breakthroughs. It's never been a better time to be a gamer.
  6. Ghost Sabre

    Baby Zerker

    bro you don't even know. 2 days later i got the same pet on my pure at the same fishing level!
  7. Hey welcome! We probably knew each other back then. Looking forward to seeing you in game and on Discord!
  8. UPDATE: I got the fishing pet on both my pure and zerk within the same 2-3 days lmao! Loot from 80 - 86 fishing (approx 1k onyx bolt tips / 260k tokkul) on each account Med Zerk Pure 86 - 87 fishing on the med Also running Kingdom + Bstaves on the Med and Zerk for easy cash recently finished the Varrock Med diary on those accounts so its 30 bstaves per day at 1.2k~ profit ea (36k profit daily). Kingdom is currently something like 45-50k profit per day.
  9. Ghost Sabre

    Baby Zerker

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