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  1. Welcome and good luck!
  2. Ghost Sabre


    Welcome and good luck
  3. Increase number of staff members Accept/decline 10 apps
  4. Ghost Sabre


    Welcome brother
  5. Welcome. Great to see more Australians joining up recently!
  6. Don't forget to do your app review dude! Just go in discord in the #osrs-app-review channel and type !review
  7. Yo Pizzaman69 I remember you. Welcome and goodluck. Don't forget to pm an app manager and set aside a bit of time when they are online to do your app review in discord.
  8. Not from there but lived and worked there for a while Welcome to WG!
  9. Welcome! Its a good time to be coming back to WG. Good luck!
  10. 100% accurate its expensive af. Misconception is that you dont need to rent a car if you visit here. If you dont have a car you arent going to truly experience the islands.
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