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  1. Some days I don't play at all and some days I end up being able to afk fish for 8+ hours per day. Being able to use remote desktop to access my PC from my phone is huge for me, it's one of the reasons I'm able to stay active on RS despite my busy work/life schedule. I think it took me roughly 3 weeks from 20-40 fishing on all 3 of the accs to get them all infernal eel ready. They all had firecapes all ready since they're my PKing accounts. The med and Zerk all ready had the mining req and the ice gloves since they have B gloves/lunars. The pure I did 32-48 mining at MLM in 2 days and got the ice gloves last night.
  2. For the past several years I've been using WC alts, first in F2P and then in P2P when it made sense. Magic Logs were pretty decent AFK cash. Basically all of my alts need to pay for their own bonds. Recently switched over to fishing since it's over twice as good. Infernal eels require 80 fishing, a fire cape, and ice gloves. They are supposedly 250k-300k gp/hr. While there was some work to be done to set it up, it's definitely paying off now! I did Trout/Salmon in F2P and Barbarian Fishing on several of my accounts until 62-63 fishing. From there I did Monkfish on my Med and Tuna/Swordfish in the Fishing Guild on my Pure and Zerk. From 76 - 80 it was Sharks all around. Here's the fishing loot from 62/63 - 80 fishing on all 3 of those accounts: MED - Sabre Wraith (105 cb) ZERK - Booty Sabre (85 cb) PURE - Sabre Ghost (79 cb) This is the loot from when my Main did Infernal Eels up to 260k Tokkul for an Onyx (which was roughly 80 - 86 fishing). That did not take long, it was FAST. My main is now doing Sacred Eels and collecting Zulrah's scales, while also gaining cooking xp for each Eel sliced. Infernal eels are faster and better money than Sacred, but the plan is to do 99 fishing and cooking simultaneously there on the main, and stick with Infernal Eels on the alts. I'm expecting to take in significant income from these alts over the next few months, and probably get them all to 99 fishing eventually. Since this method is, in my opinion, the 100% most ideal option for AFKing using Chrome Remote Desktop, I'll be fishing some serious hours on all of the accounts while multitasking other things IRL. It should be very easy to pull 14m a week per account. I'll post an update in a week or two.
  3. Hello and welcome! Best of luck with the app process!
  4. Welcome and good luck!
  5. Welcome. Looking forward to getting you squared away with PK gear and seeing you train up your combat a bit. Then we want to see you have some fun PKing with us!
  6. I gave lots of support to OIP and SD during my time in The Sabres. They were nice communities but had little to no PKing presence. One or two of them would join my PK trips from time to time.
  7. Hey Ray welcome back! Good luck with transitioning smoothly back into WG and let me know if I can do anything for you.
  8. Ghost Sabre

    [Accepted] Lyeer

    Yo Lyeer welcome back man!
  9. Nice progress! 99 strength, 94 mage and Augury would be my priorities if I were in your position!
  10. Ghost Sabre

    Baby Zerker

    Haven't updated this in a while, but the account is mostly done! Still need to do MM2 eventually. Right now I'm working on the fishing level for Infernal eels so I can use the account to AFK my cashstack
  11. his homie would have won they let him win 144-1 smh
  12. Ghost Sabre

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

    Yo welcome back mate
  13. I liked RS best 2005-2006 for sure. As soon as eagle eye/mystic might were released, that was the golden age. I wouldn't mind a new skill, I don't want them to take the ring imbues from NMZ tho as originally described. I think most of the new armor originally described would be sick af! Then again they could easily add a bunch of mage PvP (multi cb) items and integrate it into crafting/smithing. TL;DR - IDGAF but I want bloodbark and soulbark and those f2p battlerobes that increase spell speed
  14. Welcome, nice to see you apply after talking to you in cc!
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