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  1. Ghost Sabre

    Episode 6 in one word: trash.
  2. Ghost Sabre


    Gratz m8 well done
  3. Ghost Sabre

    Nasty J, we have no requirements to join. Please don't confuse our applicant. Welcome Half Elven! This is a very well written and detailed application. I hope your application process goes well and you're able to prove your loyalty to WG. If you choose to remain sub 45 defense, I'd be happy to Pk with you on my baby zerker once you hit 85+ range/mage and att/str that is balanced with those levels. We are slowly but surely growing our pure/zerker pk squad!
  4. Ghost Sabre

    I hate botters but at least you admitted it I guess. As long as you play OSRS with integrity and follow the clan rules then you're cool with me. Welcome!
  5. Ghost Sabre

    Welcome to WG OSRS my dude! I totally understand wanting to keep your online information secured. I bet after the app is approved you can edit it and remove the details. Maybe save a copy just in case?
  6. Ghost Sabre

    Welcome back . Maybe you should recruit all the ex VNG members you know. Bring it full circle.
  7. Ghost Sabre

    No1s perfect was always a shit pker lmfaooo VLS prod
  8. Ghost Sabre

    He doesn't have any development experience though? I think he's just the community coordinator right?
  9. Ghost Sabre

    Glad that he took care of the game for this long. Hopefully he mentored Ash to be a big boss so the young mods don't step out of line.
  10. Ghost Sabre

    F2P TB was needed a long time ago! Too bad idiots kept voting no on it. Hmm idk about a lot of these other changes it's big stuff right there. If ya'll still wanna claw rush just get steel drags in ur house dungeon ez safe death to reset skull and stats
  11. Ghost Sabre

    Ready the ballistas boiz
  12. Ghost Sabre

    Yo good luck with your app! We can definitely get you set up to kill some noobs in PvP
  13. Ghost Sabre

    Hey Flux welcome back! It's cool that you're enjoying your Ironman, but please bring out the main to flex and Pk with us
  14. Ghost Sabre

    Hey welcome! I actually saw you in game the other day small world right I have a 50 att zerker and a 60 att pure! It would be great if you came and pked with me and my friend who is also a baby zerker! WG is slowly but surely building up our pure/zerk pk squad!
  15. Ghost Sabre

    Yo it's davery wtf! Welcome baack