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  1. After initially suggesting overclockers UK, then comparing pre built prices on currys uk and amazon uk, i thought amazon would beat overclockers custom build price by 100 pounds. However, i realized you can unequip windows 10 from the build and reduce the price by 109 pounds. You can easily download and install windows 10 on a usb stick with the existing PC, install it without a key. Once everything is working you can buy a legit win 10 pro key on ebay for $5. I highly recommend the below configuration. I was originally showing you a price of 1383. I think the extra 15
  2. I assume you want the UK layout with the small left shift key with slash next to it and the angled return key. Yes definitely mechanical. The question is do you want clicky switches with tactile feedback, or do you want linear switches that tend to perform faster for gaming? TOP RECOMMENDATION FOR UK - 73 GBP Corsair Red Switches TKL Black Keyboard w/ Red LEDs- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CH-9115020-UK-Key-Less-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B06XQ5G9ZZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=corsair%2Bred%2Bswitches&qid=1602277951&sr=8-6&th=1&psc=1 Blue switch
  3. Aren't there free web based versions of these games?
  4. The 12-14 min is on hard with super ranging at 90+ range with blowpipe. On average with lower stats its still 8 - 10 min. With a main with 80+ def its typically 18-20 mins. You all ready have to reclick ur absorbs, clicking the rock cake in bottom of inventory when u recheck the account is only a few seconds of time (with one mouse button mode when using chrome remote desktop you can spam click it). The worst part about normal mode is getting logged out because you killed all of the spawns and you're no longer in combat, which leads to the 5 min logout timer.
  5. With 1 def i get 12-14 mins fully afk starting at 1 hp. Rock caking to 1 hp at start definitely makes a huge difference conserving the 1k absorb pt shield. And with blowpipe or even msb at higher range lvls, or high str, the low hp of normal mode ruins the xp rate. What does rock cake sacrifice in ur opinion? Imo its purely a benefit.
  6. I just looked at wiki and the monsters accuracy/damage is multiplied by 2.4x for hard mode. However, this doesn't really matter with absorption. HOLD UP! WHERE'S THE ROCK CAKE
  7. Always use hard mode unless you'r max hits are low. Hard mode just has increased hp. The monsters do the same damage, accuracy, and def in both modes last I checked.
  8. Welcome my friend! The legend is here.
  9. Gz on the rare drop m8
  10. Your application has been declined. This is because you posted an extremely low effort application. If you're serious about joining feel free to post another application.
  11. Welcome my brother! Carry me through raids please! and let's get the gear for TOB and bang em out! Would love to get some pking going as well pures or mains
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