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  1. I'm not doing another cosplay. The last one was so much effort.
  2. It's not real I have to adapt it from an octopus recipe.
  3. I can't yet cook the following things: - Ugthanki (camel meat unavailable in NZ) - Toad or Worm Crunchies (unavailable in NZ) - Beers and ciders (saving for later) - Recipe for Disaster foods (saving for later)
  4. I love that Vio thinks he's lose a fight against a cat. Sorry about the crappy editing in the middle. I tried a few times to fix it but my software was acting up. I'll try harder next time.
  5. I like you already! Please get in
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/ipejzv/varrock_palace_is_hilariously_badly_designed_and/
  7. HOLY SHIT! I had forgotten this existed!
  8. Welcome to the world Faye! Congratulations to you mate. Any update on how she and mom are doing?
  9. Good idea, but that's not my area of knowledge. I'm not really PKing with the clan. I support promoting new stuff, but I'm not the guy who should do that
  10. Please don't choose more than 3. I can't count your vote if you do.
  11. Please upvote on Reddit if you like it! And don't forget to nominate me for a Golden Gnome if you enjoyed it.
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