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    didn't miss a beat, zero fucks given
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    ????? caaaaaat
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    Photo by Stephen Hayes (2018) VIO wears 3-piece suit, belt and Oxfords by Burton, shirt by Van Heusen, glasses by Jeff Banks, watch by Sekonda.
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    I want more bean and bacon soup
  6. https://wildernessguardians.com/archive/tmal.htm there's the full convo ^
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  8. I see your funniest rs vid and raise you
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    I'm just here because I saw this and I was like "no ur not lol" but welcome anyway
  10. Runelite stretched fixed master race btw
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    Hello PKer friend
  12. Making my account. The RSC tutorial island had a section that told you about the Wilderness, and the area actually looked like the wilderness with dead trees and stuff, which was pretty cool. I remember the first time I went to the wild as well. It was me and a group of friends around level 10ish, and we went up past the black knights fortress and through the aggressive scorpions there. Do remember that in RSC you can't retreat from the first 3 rounds of combat, and those scorpions were fucking lethal. We barely managed to escape, and didn't try and enter the wilderness again for a very long time.