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  1. I remember fighting Raining Chaos when I was in TS as well. Had a video for it too, but sadly I think it's lost to history
  2. First-generation clans: The Synergy was an exodus of WG formed by Eragon CD in April 2004. Synergy drew several members from WG who were unhappy with the leadership[2], and in two weeks were half as strong as WG. Despite attempts at negotiations, a fight initiated and the clans became enemies. Eragon and His Lordship eventually worked out a peace treaty and even an alliance.[3] Synergy also took part in WG's first anniversary. In late 2004/early 2005, several exodi broke off from Synergy as a result of internal leadership issues, including Sleeping Dragons and Death Jesters.[4] The clan survived, and helped restart the Federation in mid-2005. WG retained it's alliance with Synergy after leaving the Federation. It is unknown when the alliance was concluded, however Synergy continued steadily up until mid-2008, closing due to the removal of PvP elements in RuneScape.[5] The Synergy had a junior clan known as The Synergizers, several members of which joined Valeria Victrix.[1] The Revolution was the second exodus of WG, formed by Noricle and Rick Hamm after an anti-American rant was posted publicly by His Lordship. Within two weeks, TR had taken over 40 members from WG, and had the sole intention of killing WG. TR established themselves as a stable ARPKing clan, with some of the highest ranking players in the game. Negotiations were attempted in mid-March of 2005, but failed and the two clans remained hostile. On March 22nd and without much warning, TR suddenly disbanded for unknown reasons. Rick Hamm returned to WG. Neverending Torment - The second exodus of WG to be led by Rick Hamm, and founded mainly by ex-WG. The clan's focus was more on friendship and community rather than in-game strength. NT is not mentioned in WG's history, and seemingly had very little success, though is known to have closed and re-opened at least once.[1] Assassins of Shadow - an exodus formed by ex-WG member Ubg-fcbruges in late 2008, and featuring several other ex-members. Despite having a relatively good setup, the clan saw little success and survived for only a few months, closing on October 29th 2008. The Blade Keepers was a clan formed in February 2011 by Vio, following his departure from WG after a suspension. Within 2 months the clan outnumbered WG, and members included former WG warlord WG Justin.[12] Initially on peaceful terms, a few disgruntled WG decided to hunt TBK on a PKing trip, resulting in a rivalry.[13] Hostilities continued for several months, with WG generally having the upper hand until an alliance was formed between TBK and Team Power Rangers which evened the odds.[14] In April 2011, a range of issues casued TBK to split with two exodi breaking out from it.[15] Despite a peace treaty being negotiated with WG, after a month the clan had not managed to recover and the decision to close was made on May 4th 2011.[16] Members were referred onto former Warlord Vindicator's clan Exalt, while Vio joined Ascension and later rejoined WG.[17] Oak Island Pirates - founded in 2006 by Oak Island, a former leader of DG. Despite heavy criticism and early hostilities, OIP is the only surviving relative of WG at the present time.[1]
  3. After 16 years of doing quests, my reasons for not liking certain quests are a little bit unconventional. Spoilers ahead ofc. Mourning's Ends Part 2 - not because of the agility shortcut because I got it the first time (lmfao suck it), but because the light puzzle was a little too complex. Elemental Workshop 3 in RS3 shares this problem - I try and do quests without using a guide as often as possible, but when you're reduced to just following step by step instructions it feels kind of pointless. Throne of Miscellania - specifically the part where you have to convince the prince/princess to marry you. You're seducing someone solely in order to gain political power, and it's seriously fucked. Compare it to The Chosen Commander in RS3 where you have a similar strategy in trying to comfort Zanik after the council meeting, but it fits in so well in the storyline and it feels like you're doing the right thing. I'd have much preferred it if marrying into the royal family was done in some other fashion. Actually have your characters develop a relationship. And that'd make it all the more devastating when they get killed in the later quests (RS3). Dragon Slayer 2. Fuck you Jagex for killing a cat. Legit cba.
  4. Dalek Cookie Marables (and Bean) Emily 61m Ditter Abyss Anyone else who does NH bridding
  5. Star Trek Discovery. Terrible writing but I'm a whore for good CGI. Sherlock Prison Break Black Mirror
  6. Vio

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Cinnanoms What is your current RS name? Cinnanoms List any previous RS names: The most recent ones are CT Vio, Senior Plus and Kittengirl69. Original name is WG Keanu, yall know who I am :P What is your total level and combat level? 1927 Total, 126 Combat Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. RS player since 03, clanner since 06. My current name refers to a dessert available at Dominos in the UK, which is strips of baked dough and cinnamon sugar accompanied by a sweet icing dip. They taste like heaven, and they are called "cinni dippers", and I feel like not calling them "cinna-noms" was a massive wasted opportunity. In RuneScape I am still hunting down that purple slayer helmet, and hope to get 2k total this year by way of casual slayer. Tell us about your clan history. YouTube: Vio's Clan History. Since then I've left and rejoined WG a few times due to becoming bored with OSRS, introed for DF but quit to play Minecraft for 6 months, rejoined RBH and I have no idea what the state of that clan is but I think I'm still a member, and my most recent venture was to join CT in an attempt to gain some experience in high-tier PvP and a rsgf, and succeeded in the former. Tell us about your yourself. Vio. 26/M/UK. I deliver pizzas, have several cars, and a cat. Hobbies include eating pizza, modifying cars, and petting cats. I like chinese and indian food, films with lots of explosions or a good plot twist, American crime dramas, osrs, minecraft, and gamer girl pee. I dislike people who don't use their turn signals, weird animal parts like liver/kidney, most flying insects, wet socks, and the European Union. How did you hear about us? Word of mouth circa 2006 What makes you want to join us? I hear you have some females now. Let's get to know one another - roll up to w27 GE in your best fashionscape whenever I'm on, and I'll show you what high-tier follow dancing looks like ;) Also I'm back to smack bad kids in the face with my AGS as usual. Well, actually ZGS. AGS/claws and such are now banned on my trips. We'll be rollin out like the big boys from now on. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I leaked all of CT's fight details to Mojo so he could loot
  7. gimme discount fam I got 100m osrs for u
  8. Vio

    [Accepted] Dime Life

    Kush clan as in Vendetta?
  9. Vio

    [Accepted] C M D

    brid me at 44s idiot
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