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  1. Mojo

    Presumably the whole of episode 3 will just be fighting. That’s my guess anyway.
  2. Mojo

    hi mate, as I've said to you on Discord just message one of us when you're online. That's aaight, mini horse (wg neigh), slumptality or myself. The first time you messaged me you didn't edit your app, after that I simply wasn't available at the time you messaged me. Sorry about any delays
  3. Mojo

    Another epic episode (2). Everything Tormund says is hilarious
  4. Mojo

    u w0t m8
  5. Mojo

    me Anyway, welcome Depends whether it is bonds or not. Buying bonds directly helps Jagex. Buying gold on other websites does not help Jagex and hurts game integrity. (and is against rs/wg rules)
  6. Mojo

    Welcome. This section is not about RS, look at some accepted apps for ideas.
  7. Mojo

    No issues with swapping, it's within RS rules although personally, I don't recommend it because it involves trust trading. Also no issues with which events you choose to attend. You're free to attend whatever you want in WG. Welcome
  8. Mojo

  9. Mojo

    Welcome This section is about IRL not RS
  10. Mojo

    curious app, welcome
  11. Out of that entire list it's just us, DF and Gladz (on rs3) who are left edit: VR too
  12. Mojo

  13. Mojo

    Welcome A little more detail on the app wouldn't do any harm
  14. Mojo

    Welcome. Your app is a bit low on effort. It would look at lot more professional if you expand your answers into sentences
  15. Mojo

    Welcome to our forums. This particular answer doesn't really answer the question. Where did you first find out about WG?