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  1. Mojo

    I made this topic over a year ago now dude. I have a PC now
  2. Mojo

    Welcome to our forums. Feel free to hang our in wg_cc and on our Discord if you aren't there already
  3. Mojo

    Hello and welcome
  4. Mojo

    Welcome A little more detail wouldn't do any harm Also, which friend referred you?
  5. I use the cow one. Best home port
  6. Mojo

    Your application has been declined. See the previous post or contact an App Manager or Leader for an explanation.
  7. Mojo

    Was found to be botting
  8. Mojo

    Hello and welcome
  9. Mojo

    Welcome to our clan forums. Your application is somewhat lacking in effort. Just click the edit button on this page to change your application. Take a look through some previously accepted applications for inspiration. Good luck
  10. Mojo

    Hello, welcome
  11. Mojo

    RIP mate. Welcome to our forums though
  12. Mojo

    Welcome. Probably a Reddit comment by the guy above me
  13. Mojo

  14. Mojo

    Welcome whats the full name of this “WD” clan?
  15. Mojo

    Welcome im sure our CC can offer plenty of advice on training to higher levels so you can do more things.