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  1. Hi David welcome to our forums
  2. nice one, keep up the grind!
  3. Mojo


    Welcome As mentioned on Discord, add a little more detail and use sentences
  4. Mojo

    73 Nice Man

    Welcome to our forums. Have a read of what Hug said above for some good advice
  5. it's always good to talk openly about this so thanks for posting this Sadly in the last year in WG we've had people with unaddressed mental health issues causing problems for us and I'm sure there would have been fewer problems if they were more open about their issues.
  6. Welcome to our forums, nicely written app
  7. that is a mind blowing amount of money to gamble on a 50/50 chance of winning.
  8. Mojo

    [Accepted] Intralism

    Welcome to our forums, size of your bank doesn't matter, we'll be happy to help you grow that bank
  9. Welcome back, chocolate milk
  10. Welcome to our forums. It might help to expand your about me section a little bit.
  11. Welcome to our forums Also thanks to @Jansen for the recruiting!
  12. Mojo

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    @Vio Anyway, welcome back Bryan. Bored of being unranked in CC?
  13. Mojo

    [Accepted] qva

    Hello and welcome. This section here is about yourself rather than your RuneScape stuff which is for the other section. Look at some accepted apps for inspiration then edit something in
  14. Mojo

    [Accepted] 0 sped 0

    Welcome to our forums Henry
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