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  1. Bry4n

    [Accepted] Cashtillo

    The homie is back!
  2. Bry4n

    [Declined] Ranger420

    Awesome you chose wg! Really helpful group here if you choose to stick around
  3. That's half the fun! And at least you enjoy doing it, so win/win. No one can hook up with every woman they talk to some like chiseled/model types no matter how douchey or braindead. Others enjoy good intellectual convo and looks don't matter too much. Hygeine always matters tho! And confidence is super important even if you feel nervous and stumbling own it!
  4. Damn I know I'm 3 months late, just now seeing this. Thx for sharing and hope your cat is staying on the right path. Speaking from experience it is a struggle, and no amount of 'professional help, begging of family, or anything will change someones behavior, it's only when you truly want to change then those things will help greatly in your journey. It took my cat losing his wife, his business, and missing out on 3 years of his daughters' life by going to prison before he truly decided to change. My cat even found out drugs are as easy to get in prison as they are on the streets, but luckily had a moment of clarity and is now 2 1/2 years clean. Good luck brother hope for the best
  5. There is a Texas Longhorn right up the street from me(east coast USA). I wonder if it's same chain restaurant or just same name. It's pretty good but not expensive as far as steak houses around here
  6. Wtf is a gwam?? Girl With A Male-anatomy??
  7. Bry4n

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    You ain't seen nothing yet nub! Currently googling Scottish insults
  8. Good luck man! Only just met you but you're in the right place if you're looking for active bossing friends that aren't strict elitists.
  9. Awesome dude I've been chatting a bit with you in the cc and I'll think you'll fit in great. Well on your way to good stats so lots of gp to be made!
  10. Hey man welcome! Look forward to hanging with you in game. FoG is also my all time favorite minigame, loved it so much and hope they bring something similar back to osrs one day. I also enjoy playing poker, and WG is corp crazy, there's at least 1 trip every day
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