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  1. Bry4n

    [Accepted] Polllie

    Hey pal welcome back
  2. Yea I live right at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay where it turns into Atlantic, been saltwater fishing my whole life, lot of piers and offshore when time and funds permit (costs a lot to go offshore). We have some lakes around here but only been casually for catfish and carp
  3. Yea. Yall and team 3 are gonna be biggest threats
  4. Loool I saw you in cc and knew I knew your name, just now remember I tried to run up in revs total world and you popped in salad robes ags and sent me right back where I came from! Good to see you app here hope you find us a good fit, you def have the pk experience
  5. Yo! It's Imbryanman long time no see old friend
  6. Hey Gene! So awesome to see you pop back in. It has been so nostalgic seeing all these old friends returning over the last months, some just to say hi and some sticking around and playing the game we love so much. Hopefully you will find the time, with your return I know there will be many others to follow.
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