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  1. First 99 achieved
  2. Quest cape acquired today, after the long imp hunt i have finally returned wizard mizgogs beads! And with that, another little update of the past 2 months:
  3. 1 more month of progress! Few nice upgrades last month; Whip & faceguard achieved. PvM tab starting to come together and bank is sitting at approx 170m value now.
  4. hello m8 welcome to wg
  5. lil progress update: 1800 total Completed a few more quests and hard diaries too!
  6. Zemus

    [Accepted] Runetiger

    hello friend wb
  7. Base 60's! thx ToG
  8. https://gyazo.com/8cef52604d1c7897026af2a954c825b6 75 slayer and 1750 total =]
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