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  1. Zemus

    Genesis' Inferno Cape

    Ya i meant western my bad, but also no need for it to be alive - Just run towards it so only mage is hitting you and freeze the melee as you're running over
  2. Zemus

    Genesis' Inferno Cape

    Not sure if you're already aware but the 2 corners (marked X) work as safespots also, so you can then just flick melee + 1 other mob rather than all 3. Stand on SE corner will safespot eastern side and vice versa. Another thing you could do is run towards eastern pillar (blocking the ranger), freezing the melee as you run then take him down. Easy to say in hindsight but anyway hopefully it offers you some ideas for next time Very solid first few attempts!
  3. Zemus

    Infernal Grind

    I was actually going to try going for mine too about a month ago but then irl stuff happened and was forced to play an old slow laptop for the time being. Desktop is back as of yesterday, so maybe I will join you on the grind! Good luck
  4. Zemus

    [Declined] Emej

    Hello welcome!
  5. Lol no it is me Zemus Mojo
  6. Hello welcome to WG my name is Zemus pleased to meet you
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