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  1. We did it, he fell for it and apped. What a sucker!
  2. Love the level of activity you bring! Keep asking your questions, we're all happy to answer. Hopefully you get your account to a point you're happy with so you can start doing more group activities with us
  3. Nice clan history! Welcome
  4. Welcome Dylan! Excited to have you on board. I'm sure you'll have a great time with us
  5. Ah ok, I was in Vengeance sometime around 2017-2018 and I remember a Connor from then so thought you might be the same one. Looking forward to seeing your app
  6. Nice clan history. Out of curiosity, when were you in Vengeance?
  7. Lovely app. I'm glad you decided to apply. Hopefully you'll reach your goals while you're with us
  8. Welcome to the clan bud, I hope you enjoy your time with us Just in time for the bingo comp!
  9. I think the option to allow guests into the clan hall exists. Can also manage the rank at which you can participate in the drop party (guest is probably an option I assume). Randoms won't know of the drop party so that won't be a problem, unless someone in the clan leaks.
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