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  1. Genesis


    Welcome back Leon
  2. Hey David, hope you enjoy your time with us Love the name!
  3. Genesis


    Welcome my dude. Out of curiosity, what was the name of your previous clan?
  4. Wb, only accepted if you change your name to WG Tber
  5. Welcome my man. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with us
  6. Congratz! Huge milestone. Also best of luck in your race
  7. I didn't know where to post this so here it is. So as some of you are aware, I have just built a med level account and I will be pking on it soon. Just to make things interesting and promote NH bridding, I'm going to place a bounty on my head for the clan to take. My account's name as of this moment is "Failed Med" and is sitting at 108 combat. DO NOT MAKE ANY MENTION OF THIS IN THE CC SO I CAN AVOID RANDOMS HUNTING ME DOWN. If I am in WG_CC, the bounty is ACTIVE and you are free to hunt me. The bounty will start at 1m, eventually increasing over time if people don't ki
  8. Hiya, welcome to our boards! Happy to have you with us Why did you leave FOE if I may ask?
  9. Genesis

    [Accepted] Ren ya

    Welcome Ren. I think you'll find what you're looking for here. Looking forward to seeing you
  10. Hiya Sean. Happy to have you with us
  11. Hey Ray, welcome aboard
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