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  1. So, day 2. ATTEMPT 4 - WAVE 68: I picked up a pair of ancestral bottoms, and I gave the tbow back so I went ahead with an ACB. The home stretch boys. I almost had it. No excuses. I had a decent amount of supplies, and I was confident going in. I choked. That's all I can say. I had the healers trapped for the 1st jad, and all I had to do was prayer switch...aaaaand I fucked up. Nevertheless, this is the furthest I've gotten in my attempts. I successfully managed to eradicate all the previous errors I've had. Lost a few brews on bad spawns, a few slow decisions, and some missed prayer flicks, but it was still fine. Note to self for next time: T Bow is insanely better than ACB. Would have probably gotten me through as the jad kills took way too long. Death pic below:
  2. I actually didn't know that. I figured if I walked to those squares I'd get meleed by the ranger or the mage. If you mean western pillar, I think it was down at this point. I'm switching up my setup a bit and bringing ancestral bottoms too for the mage bonus as I seem to splash/not get kills on the nibblers way too often. Thanks for the advice, I'll defo keep it in mind
  3. The Gear discord has some good guides overall but even they link Xzact's guide on YouTube. I'd highly recommend it.
  4. Couldn't edit the pic into the original comment as I have exceeded the available space. Soooo, here's the summary of attempt 3. ATTEMPT 3 - Wave 61: I managed to save the southern pillar which helped me a lot in a couple of the waves, but still not as smooth as the other 2 overall. However, I can now confidently say that I can get to wave 60+ quite consistently. It's just a matter of perfecting everything at this point. I seem to still have a bit of trouble with the melee lizards. Not bad for a day's work! Motivaton is high
  5. Edited in attempt 2. In hindsight, maybe I should have ignored the melee, ran south of the northern pillar between the 2 blobs and mage then prayer flicked. Could have rotated back and forth between the south/east side everytime melee ported in.
  6. Keep at it! Your post was my inspiration for this progress post.
  7. So I finally started my inferno attempts and I'd like to document every step of the way until I get my cape. I will include pictures and details of what I used, how I died, and what wave I died on. To boot, this is my starting setup (an extra brew over the tokkul - which was just me going in to mark the tiles then leaving so I won't count it as an attempt) : ATTEMPT 1 - Wave 55: I went much further than anticipated. Got all the way to wave 55 using rune darts and missing a brew as I didn't expect to get that far. Surprisingly, I didn't have much of an issue prayer flicking stuff. My main issues were a) letting all pillars except the north one fall, b) panicing with certain spawns where I had mobs come at me from 3 different directions, and worst of all c) not being able to trap the melee properly at times as I currently only know 1 spot to trap it. I'm hoping to fix all of these issues on my next run which will likely be later tonight. As for whoever is reading this and wants to attempt the inferno, it's WAY EASIER THAN YOU THINK. Don't be scared to give it a shot, even in welfare gear. Here's my first attempt's ending pic: ATTEMPT 2 - Wave 63: Got much further this time around. Big thanks to my boy Jared for lending me the tbow. Helped me a lot in a couple of sticky situations. I've sort of managed to figure out luring the melee now, and I don't have much of a problem otherwise. I failed to protect the south pillar which ultimately screwed me over. Couldn't figure out how to fix this spawn on time. Pic below.
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