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  1. I was surprised you weren't already in the clan tbh. Glad to see you've applied and gl!
  2. Welcome, we definitely do a lot of both PvM and PvP so you will have ample opportunity for both
  3. A minimum of two large cups of coffee in the morning. If I actually need to feel energized I need a couple cups more or a strong energy drink, like one of the energy drinks with 300 mg caffeine. I have a very high tolerance
  4. Forgot to get picture of chest and it doesnt say unique in chat, but hopefully this is good enough proof. Guthan's chainskirt, proof is the value of the chest and the chainskirt in my inventory Also posted a second screenshot after i teled out because I forgot competition password:
  5. Really sorry to hear. I feel so lucky to have been able to get the vaccine early on. Hopefully it gets more available globally and soon. This Delta variant is no joke I had a loose acquaintance die from it a few months back. They were already dying of cancer but COVID took the last 6 months of their life and left them dying in a terrible way struggling to breathe. I wouldn't wish it on anyone
  6. This weekend we were kitten sitting for some friends. We fell in love with this little guy (Odie) and are most likely gonna adopt him in a couple weeks.
  7. I'm a chemistry grad student right now. Should have my Ph.D. in ~2 years. Get paid a liveable stipend. That leaves me no time for side hustles
  8. We were able to get AT&T fiber at our new apartment. It is glorious. We pay for 300/300 but it always exceeds that. Would be $10 more for 1000/1000 but that would be ludicrous for just 2 of us.
  9. I'd kill for a horn. Or just pay money on Amazon. Right now I usually use my mug that says "groom" from my wedding. I'm usually drinking scotch and whatever beers I want. I'm on a Imperial IPA kick right now but usually go for Belgian style or Trappist ales if I'm feeling fancy. Also like red wine and sake during the winter. And have recently started getting into mead. Vikingblöd is delish but kinda pricy
  10. My 1990 Honda Accord breaking down and getting towed on the last day of our honeymoon. You can even see some of the "just married" writing on the side I still love that car its doing fine now. I hope to drive it until the day I die
  11. My in-laws have a cute tiny cat. She looks like a kitten and is super small but is full size. She looks cute but is a manipulative bitch, still love her though. Her name is Lottie (short for Charlotte) Here she is enjoying some gaming laptop heat We have a sulcata tortoise who is still only 4 years old so relatively small. It is around 10 pounds now but will probably grow to over 100 lbs. Not sure of the sex yet. Their name is Morla (hope you get the reference) Morla as a little baby (only about 1 ounce)
  12. I played golf in high school. Was never very good but really want to be getting back to it now. Recently got a few clubs together and a small "weekend bag" and want to start playing some more, or at least going to the driving range sometimes. Its just expensive and time consuming.
  13. Good to hear! Still getting my combat skills up a bit more but would be stoked to learn.
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