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  1. I remember the name. Welcome back to WG!
  2. Welcome! Always great to have more pkers
  3. that was fast rofl. welcome lol
  4. Went with mew earlier with a raid and can confirm he's learner friendly. According to the rest of pvmers he knows his stuff
  5. Yasticaki

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    Welcome to the clan mate! Sorry for the AGS smite... just another day at revs lol Keep come pking with us and you'll make that back in no time!
  6. Welcome to the clan. Type !pvp in the OSRS discord channel get PvP notifications in discord!
  7. Can confirm your suggestion is a successful workaround. I personally post to discord and right-click for that link which works nice. Editing the post after however has zero issues on any method.
  8. A player that embodies the true heart of old school RuneScape! It's because of players like this that rs has thrived throughout! I've known this guy from some friends back in the day, one of the nicest personalities! Treat him good guys!
  9. When doing recaps, I can't seem to drag and drop pictures into the "screenshots" section at the bottom of the form. I just posted it without any screenshots, and when I went to edit post, I was able to drag and drop screenshots then into the text field provided for the overall post.
  10. I see. That's some interesting afk numbers, never managed to achieve myself tbh. Could you send your loadout? In general my absorptions get completely drained at those afk times on hard, and I don't even make break even, but I believe I was using overload. Any chance you could send me the gear loadout you would use for those times, both on a pure and a 60+ def main? Also you never ever get logged out on a normal mode AFAIK. I've tried it on max melee set with 99 att/str and with blowpipe 98 range, and never been logged out. The trick is standing on the exact square I put in the screenshot a
  11. That's interesting you get 12-14 mins afk on 1 Def pure, might try that out on training my pure. Is this on hard mode, using overloads? If so that's surprisingly really good. Only thing of concern I see is that you may get heavily drained of absorptions on a 1 Def pure if you aren't rock caking more often, then you may not make 1k nmz points per absorption dose (break even point). On higher defence I did get hit a lot when afking above 10 mins due to hp regen which made hard mode afk not worth. And yeh, normal mode is lower xp, but I still don't consider it ruined xp lol, just 20%
  12. I've always used a mixture of normal mode and hard mode, however for me when training my accounts I never really had the time to click much, and I would usually afk for over 15-20 mins at a time. Hard mode is most definitely better, but generally imo if you're at the computer. It's also hard to consistently click the required re-ovl/rock cake when pking etc etc. Yes. In hard mode the defence of NPC's is completely unchanged, which means your weapons will have the same dps on a higher HP pool which means your overall xp/hr will usually increase by about 20% as you won't al
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