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  1. I know this name. Welcome back.
  2. Very nice. Eventmaster Nap incoming
  3. Hey mr aimar! Welcome back old friend
  4. Hey there dude, good to see ya. I remember Valhalla, was a clan I really wanted to join one point but never got round to finishing my rune pure in those days.
  5. Salva often spoken about how be used to raid with you and how you taught him raiding. Welcome back to the clan, great to have another experienced pvmer back!
  6. Hey there. Welcome to WG
  7. Welcome. Need more effort
  8. Yasticaki

    [Declined] Tammy

    Hello Arcane's mum, and welcome to the Wilderness Guardians!
  9. Hey man @DontPkPls welcome back to the clan
  10. Welcome back old guardian
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