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  1. Yasticaki

    l00t omfg

    Welcome to the clan. I respect how one of your reasons for joining is on our clan principles and non-toxic behaviour. This gives a really positive image.
  2. Another legend comes back! Along with my good friend Jon, Jair is an irreplaceable asset within WG. I would advise the clan keep these members close as they are absolute gems! welcome back Jair!
  3. Lol I wish his account was one of my alts. Sadly his account is better than all of my accounts haha! Proud of this guy tbh!
  4. Seen this guy in the cc, seemed like a nice guy. Welcome to the clan buddy!(or welcome back?)
  5. A very positive personality and a good friend all the way since I started back up on RS. Jon will be a great asset to WG, as he already has in the past. His past experience with WG already puts him in good footing with the clan.
  6. mining. fuck that shit. although ive not really done mlm but fuck it too slow ass half xp rate.
  7. Haha so we aren't including NL in this sticky of WG History? XD
  8. lol interesting... an irl meeting of osrs clan bosses. haha take some weed with u man
  9. This is actually really useful on mobile if you have butter fingers like mine lol xd
  10. ye fuck skilling lol
  11. wtf 6 archers? fuck you man. my luck at dks sucks dick.
  12. wow damn one of my fave pets lol
  13. grats dude! Welcome to a semi-elite club! I myself got my first fire cape 10 years ago after 6th attempt. Next step, Inferno.
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