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  1. Friend of shootie's huh Welcome to the Wilderness Guardians!
  2. Had a bunch of decent times with you which was cool, but unfortunately you gave into some questionable behaviour. I wonder if outside influence was credible or not. Either way, hope you're doing well and hope you have a great time wherever you are Mr logout.
  3. Welcome to the Wilderness Guardians!
  4. Hi there and welcome to the Wilderness Guardians! I'd like to suggest that perhaps you add some more effort into the application as it seems a bit rushed. Other than that, best of luck!
  5. Hey man welcome back
  6. Hell yea! Welcome back bro
  7. Hey welcome. Cool name as well.
  8. I like the name. Welcome to the clan.
  9. Hey man, welcome back! I recall doing a lot of shit with you back in the day
  10. Man what a journey this is awesome
  11. I was told to welcome you. So welcome!
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