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  1. Hey man, welcome back! I recall doing a lot of shit with you back in the day
  2. Man what a journey this is awesome
  3. I was told to welcome you. So welcome!
  4. Hello and welcome to WG! We're a community first and foremost, and I feel like this is what makes us the most enjoyable PK team on the game as we look out for each other. You mentioned you go hard for your team and take no shit, but just remember we let our actions do the talking, we believe flaming is beneath us and keep it real!
  5. Hi dude, and welcome back to WG! It looks like you say you've been part of WG before, that's nice. Think you need to put a bit more work into the app, however. GL
  6. Hello and welcome back old clannie!
  7. Love your name. Welcome to WG!
  8. Hey @WG HugBoat!! Welcome back to the Wilderness Guardians! It's always a great sight seeing a guardian return.
  9. Nice, welcome to WG! I am also from Scotland, in Glasgow!
  10. Yasticaki

    [Accepted] X l X

    Nice stuff dude and looks like you have quite the interesting history. It seems you're a nice guy other than the blip, and it will be nice to see you on the pk unit.
  11. Yasti cleared the idiots so you can enjoy your return to the club
  12. Welcome back bro. Great to see you're still around.
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