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  1. I'm happy you're joining back brother Have u learnt to PK yet?
  2. lmao @Epi you need to stop trolling man. but welcome mate!
  3. welcome to WG man! If u ever need a 1on1 PK session don't hesitate to let me know!
  4. Welcome back Ryan! Looking forward to chill out for some good raids!
  5. Hey! Welcome. Always happy to see a PKer drop an app into the clan. I'd suggest beefing up your app a bit tho. Feel free to have a look at the Accepted apps as a reference.
  6. Eyyy. Welcome mate! Looking forward to seeing you around
  7. Nice app man, looking forward to seeing you around
  8. Welcome back Shooter!!! Since Hatred doesn't really play now, maybe u do 1v1 sesh with me? plz?
  9. Very nice maxed account my dude. Don't worry about PvPing. We'll show you the ropes and tell you anything you need to know!
  10. Nice app man! Sad to hear that your clan couldn't grow in the direction you hoped for. Hopefully we'll be able to provide you with a good PvMing scene.
  11. Big Oof on the pet.... F's in chat.... We organise pure PK trips so hopefully we'd be able to have you around during those!
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