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  1. Salvaresi

    VnG Gaigian

    Looking forward to stand with u on the Battlefield brother!
  2. welcome man, glad to see another pker. just a piece of advice: your application looks a bit skim. I'd suggest having a look at apps from other [accepted] members to see what i'm referring to. in any case, good luck with your app, hope to see u pk with us soon!
  3. very nice app my man, looking forward to seeing u in the clan
  4. A fantastic idea Ivory! I suggest you speak directly to Ghost about this and PM him in case he missed this forum post.
  5. I hope u bathe a little more often than that per week x.D
  6. Glad to see another PKer. Would love to have u on board with us although your app is looking a little slim. Have a look at some of the other accepted applications. Hope to see u soon during PK trips!
  7. I agree with Why Try Guy. Your application is a little slim, we'd like to know u a little better than that Let us know if u need any help with it
  8. For the full obsidian melee setup. From lv 70-90 strength. I was getting 64-72k xp/h. This was with mid gear (d boots, fire cape, b gloves, imbued b ring, dragon defender).
  9. Oooohhh! That's nice. Question is.... What items to invest in that newer players are all gonna want to buy? Granite Hammer/Longsword? Brine Sabre? Fremmy helms? Combat boots? Dragon longswords?
  10. Yeah, two things.. One: IRL Farming. I guess because I cook a lot and now cook a lot more, I started growing my own herbs, and ended up getting interested in gardening. Drove all the way to the mountain side to find plantations that were willing to sell me organic seeds such as Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Mint, etc... Second one is PCs. God damn I am one big PC hardware nerd. I'm even part of forums like TomsHardware and sometimes spend my morning helping random people with their PC problems while I drink my coffee.
  11. This post is a bit old but if you're still looking for recommendations... Considering Fornite's the only game u mentioned I'm assuming it's going to be primarily for that. I'm guessing you'd either want to go for 60-65% or TKL form factor. Unless you play at a very high sense or feel comfortable playing with a vertical keyboard, in which case the only thing that matters is the switch type. Personally I like tactile switches, which are similar to Clicky switches like MX Blue or Razer Green but Tactile switches are just much quieter, which is better if you don't live alon
  12. There are others games apart from Runescape?
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