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  1. support welcome back, nice person =]
  2. welcome hope u like it here
  3. I remember you, welcome back friend
  4. Donatello


    welcome to the forums, I seen you asking to go to zammy in the cc
  5. Donatello

    4D Entity

    i love your ultimate goal, good choice. and welcome to the forums
  6. congrats, very healthy baby! you guys did well =]
  7. Donatello

    [Declined] xNiko

    welcome to the forums man. hope you fit in.
  8. welcome good luck with your application
  9. welcome back i missed ya
  10. Donatello

    dmm fulltime

    welcome to the forums mate ;D
  11. welcome, im happy you see you applied. I had to look up Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map to see where that was nice to meet you.
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