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  1. Donatello


    welcome back, i imagined everything you said like a story lol. Include more details about you though for reals.
  2. nice to meet you man. I am taking a class on special education for teachers. Im learning all about autism. Thats pretty awesome. Medicine is a nice field to get into. Best of luck to you and also good luck on your application!
  3. Welcome back, good luck with your application.
  4. Donatello

    [Declined] -

    Interesting application, we ask that you provide more details about your self as well, a little more effort goes a long way in our clan. If you don't know what else to write, check out other applications who have gotten accepted. Anyway, welcome to the forums and good luck with your application man.
  5. Donatello

    Sigma Mulch

    nice solid application, welcome to our forums, good luck on your app you're going to do great.
  6. Donatello


    welcome mate nice come clean section too pretty honest fellow
  7. Donatello

    [Accepted] M59

    welcome ; )
  8. welcome to the forums, welcome again
  9. Donatello


    Nice application welcome to our forums for the time being. Maybe talk more about your hobbies, school, family, whatever else you want to share. The more details you have the better friend.
  10. i got to read it, thank you for sharing. some on the list are so useful though, damn it.
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