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  1. Donatello

    [Accepted] Pepper X

    welcome. good luck with your app
  2. Donatello

    [Accepted] L O F L

    haha i love the fact that you mentioned runecrafting being the bane of life. lol I dont like it either friend. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your application.
  3. Donatello

    [Accepted] Foolzey

    Id like to know more about your RuneScape history? For those of us that are new that dont know you like my self. Welcome =]
  4. Donatello


    Welcome to the forums. Just a small note. None of our events we do are ever mandatory. We do it for the love of our clan, to get people involved if they chose to do so. You do have to attend a certain amount to stay active but the clan gives all members time to do them. Good luck with your application man!
  5. Donatello


    Welcome, good luck with your application.
  6. Donatello


    welcome, sorry about your cooking reset that sucks.
  7. Welcome, I too was in Zer0 back in the day. Good luck with your app
  8. good luck, hope to see you at events this time around. welcome again
  9. Donatello

    master krix

    good luck with your applications, welcome welcome
  10. Donatello

    [Declined] K

    what happened to your app?
  11. Donatello

    [Accepted] Corkiee

    Welcome to our forums, good luck with your application.
  12. Don't support a welcome back. Dont FLAME me or bring me up in your application, leave me out of it. We aren't friends so why include me, this application is about you NOT ME.
  13. Welcome, its nice getting to know you the other day on chat. Good luck with your application!
  14. Welcome and good luck with your application
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