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  1. Donatello


    Nice to see your application up! I was the one who invited you at our Barbarian assault game. Welcome to the forums, and good luck with your application
  2. Donatello


    Welcome, I wouldn't mind hearing more about your runescape history, and about your self. More details would truly help with your application, best of luck!
  3. Donatello

    Lmao Sit

    hey Welcome to the forum, good luck on your application. Dang you batted and got banned? shoot. Yeah everything changed, I feel you on making a few thousands with the goblins, back then getting 100k to me was amazing, now a days money doesn't mean much to anyone they gather lots of it regardless. Anyways good luck again
  4. Donatello


    Welcome to the forums, Good luck on your application.
  5. Donatello

    Broken Raft

    Wow we have a welder in the house! Good solid application, hope it works out for you. What kind of shows are you watching on netflix by the way? Nice to meet you
  6. Donatello

    Chris Spiegl

    good luck on your application you seem pretty solid
  7. Donatello


    Welcome to the forum, I think most of us here shower naked too so we have that in common with you. Look forward to bossing with you, you seem legit.
  8. Donatello


    Welcome to the clan, there are requirements to stay a clan member however.
  9. Donatello


    welcome to the forums man
  10. Donatello


    welcome good luck on ur app
  11. sir thats such commitment! wow Congrats omg
  12. Donatello


    A great way to start your application. We would like to see a little more detail and explanations in your application. If you need an example of what we are looking for, search for accepted applications to WG. Best of luck with your application, Welcome.
  13. Good luck with your application. Are you interested at all in bossing? We host alot of pvm events as well as our pvp.
  14. Hope everything works out for you! Cant wait for you to be a member of WG. Good luck with your application
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