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  1. Donatello

    [Accepted] kingcat

    nice solid application. good luck on your application and welcome.
  2. welcome, your application acts detail in different places in it, if you include more in it im sure your application would do much better. Good luck with your application over all ; )
  3. Donatello

    [Accepted] WG Nice

    nice lol. well a little bit more info will help out your application alot. welcome to the forums tho ; D
  4. welcome friend, hope you like our clan. good luck on ur application
  5. welcome to our forums. you seem pretty knowledgeable of the game thats awesome to hear. yeah our pk teams are pretty organized here so you will fit in fine here. Glad you came back to playing again. I remember those days as well, green dragons were everything.
  6. welcome to our forums, good luck with your application. Look forward to pvming with you some time.
  7. welcome to the forums, good luck with your application. Nice you have a masters degree thats awesome
  8. welcome nice solid application. im from so cal too ;D
  9. welcome and good luck with your application
  10. good luck with your application!
  11. Donatello

    [Accepted] Nott

    Welcome, nice application. You have alot of experience and early gaming time in runescape. Contact one of our APP managers for more questions you might have about acceptance. Good luck!
  12. Donatello

    [Accepted] Zavanus

    welcome and good luck
  13. would like to hear more about you, more details in your application goes along way. Anywho welcome to the forums and good luck
  14. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your application. You sound very sane. Ive been playing for about the same amount of years as well. Happy you want to join us.
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