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  1. Donatello


    welcome and good luck with your application cheers
  2. Donatello

    B e w b i

    good luck with your app, ask about them reviewing your app
  3. Donatello


    good luck with your app
  4. welcome. I really wish I could go to the gym 7 times a week, but they are shutdown for awhile here in the states. Anyway good luck with your app
  5. welcome to our forums and good luck with your application. I have never heard off those clans before, anyway I hope you like it here. We do alot more than just pk here as well.
  6. welcome and good luck!
  7. welcome back i was going to say I think i remember you. Good luck with your application man
  8. Donatello

    [Accepted] M A E S

    welcome to the forums good luck with your app
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