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  1. Hey i remember you! welcome back man!
  2. Great guy, always friendly and proven to be helping others in need! Welcome to the clan my man!
  3. well done! When inferno?
  4. welcome, Hustled is a nice guy. I did some bandos with him and a friend of him, they split all tassies/bcp's they got fairly which was a nice surprise as they were unranked at that time.
  5. Just put your total level on it, free job.
  6. batfire

    [Accepted] Awzy

    23 with 2 kids? damn im 23 acting 12
  7. Everyone with less than 2k total l0000l
  8. Gzz, i need to get my 750th tasks at konar asap (and hydras as much as possible) and then ill be back at dura to slay these fkers!
  9. Welcome! Goodluck with the early grind, its much fun.
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